Saturday, June 19, 2010

TRIDENT – World Destruction CD review

TRIDENT – World Destruction CD
Regain Records

With band members who’ve done time in such Swedish notables as DISSECTION and NECROPHOBIC, this new band TRIDENT qualifies as a blackened death metal supergroup. Guitarist Johan Norman decides to resurrect a career that in the past had him in DISSECTION as well as SOUL REAPER, to name just a few. To do that he gets friends from NECROPHOBIC, Tobias Sidegard on vocals and bassist Alex Friberg, plus Jonas Blom from GRIEF OF EMERALD for the drumming and finally an unknown Ewo Solvelius on lead guitar. Seeing that the guys from NECROPHOBIC have no steady commitment there’s a good chance this might be more than just a one shot deal.

After an ambient opening cut, “The Trident”, which is filled with keyboards, acoustic & electric guitar, plus some string instruments the horror begins with “Jaws of Satan”. Welcome to Swedish blackened death 101 with all the elements at hand. This is followed by a more explosive cut “Nemesis” and from here on things get somewhat more exciting. Since this style of extreme metal has been done before so many times it’s hard for anyone especially someone from Sweden to reinvent the genre. So basically you have to find some standout qualities and there are a few. “Slaves to Anguish” is slow but savage in its attack. The choice of Tobias on vocals throughout this release is the key ingredient for enjoying World Destruction. “Stockholm Bloodbath” is another winner. Guitarist Ewo Solvelius takes a few cues from Trey Azagthoth (MORBID ANGEL) in his playing. Overall this would be the third prong of the actual Swedish trident which includes NECROPHOBIC and UNANIMATED, both of whom had excellent releases in 2009.

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