Thursday, August 25, 2011

AOSOTH - III CD review

Agonia Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

This is only my second experience with this French blackened outfit of destruction. My last venture was with their Ashes of Angels release back in 2009, also on Agonia Records, which was the equivalent of having your head shoved into a blast furnace. I've recovered nicely since then and you can hardly notice the third degree burn scars. Although there are areas of my scalp which will never grow hair again but thanks for asking. Meanwhile this group found time to produce a few split releases in the interim. I avoided those of course but here we have the latest. In all seriousness once you've been burned by this French black metal act it's akin to being branded. Now of course for me that's a good thing since if Satan was a smoker I'd be searching for shorts from his ashtray. As for you more modern tasters of safer avant garde French BM this will burn your tiny genitals clean off. Not that you need them anyway of course but still it's a friendly warning.

On this simply titled III the Frenchmen return once again to lay down a burning spectacle of atmosphere but have upped the ante by enhancing the destruction with blackened death doom power. The band had pushed things to this level before but now it's almost a climatic surge which will have previous admirers tearing apart furnature for makeshift torches. Even though this is divided up into six individual cuts with Roman numerals as titles it all sounds to me like one continuous hostile track with slight silence separations. AOSOTH continually fire salvo after salvo of burning wrath upon the listener. During times of dissonance there's still that haunting effect being played out. This thing is like being on the receiving end of a hellstorm bombardment. Just when you think it's ended you're wrong since the enemy was merely reloading. Of course the music would not have such a disturbing effect if it wasn't for MkM's vocals and if you're a fan of ANTAEUS (if you're a fan of French BM and not into ANTAEUS then you've got a problem) then you know what I mean.



DEADFALL - New Light CDEP review

Genre: Math Metal
Rating: 2/5

I use to know another band called DEADFALL. They were from North Carolina and I saw them a bunch of times back in the 1990's. I still have their 7"er and two t-shirts. The black one is in that faded "too many slam pits" condition but the green one is in mint. I wear it every once in a while when there's a local nostalgia show going on. Now this DEADFALL is not far from what the band I knew was doing. The major difference is that my DEADFALL had vocals and these guys don't. Secondly this DEADFALL more math metal and is a two piece act. What we have here are two genius's, Eddie Kim on guitars as well as programming the computer drums and Sean Dusoe on bass.

One listen to this and of course I'm thinking of PELICAN. Yes I do own one PELICAN release. Personally I consider them as well as this to be what I call Sunday morning background music as long as I'm far away in the background. In other words it not my thing but damm if these guys are not good at it. The duo combine these airy progressive melodies and bludgeon them with sludgy doom dirge riffs. After a few listens to this you'll probably decide to grow a beard. I can't say this band's jazz infused jams left me in a catatonic state but it's definitely not as annoying as some homemade one man band jam projects I've endured. Next stop for these guys is Southern Lord records.


EXECUTIONER - The Anthology CD review

EXECUTIONER - The Anthology CD
PATAC Records
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Rating: 5/5

Back in the days when Scumfeast was a print fanzine (late 1990's) we would get all of these obscure Punk/Hardcore band anthologies sent in for review. It was the heyday for those types of releases thanks to the popularity of the Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations. You had bands who only recorded one 7"er in their heyday now with a full length for fans of the obscure to digest. Usually they just had a few cool songs and the rest was filler stuff of demos, rehearsal material and some poorly recorded live stuff. Fast forward to the present and now we have something similar. Now just for the record when it comes to the original Punk/Hardcore era from 1976 to 1986 (Hardcore pretty much starting out in 81 and died out or changed in 1986) if a band released an LP, cassette or 7"er I probably had it, heard it or at least knew about it if the thing was reviewed in any of the top fanzines of the time. I started my own publication in 1987 but of course the scene, ahem, was changing by then.

Be that as it may I never heard of San Jose's EXECUTIONER until now and chances are unless you grew up in San Jose circa 1982 neither did you. Obviously it's not strange at all that they sound like many of their contemporaries for example they kinda remind me of the CIRCLE JERKS on some cuts. Of course these guys were at that time sharing bills with the DEAD KENNEDYS, CRUCIFIX and FANG so you can also throw all of them in as well as being influential upon them. This anthology here contains all of their recorded output which never really saw the light of day except for some tracks being on a cassette comp called Growing Pains. As far as EXECUTIONER music goes well after listening to this I'd say that a great injustice has happened. If this came out in the early 80's then not only would this band been as well known and liked as their contemporaries but it would be held up as one of those classic must have releases from the 80's Hardcore era. The thing even comes with a Winston Smith poster. He's the guy, if you've forgotten, who did the artwork for all those ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES label releases.




Saturday, August 20, 2011

NC DEATH METAL One Man's Dedication

Normally I don't promote shows at all especially from my neck of the woods because the Scumfeast Metal 666 readership is scattered all over the place, mostly from Europe, Asia and Australia. Why would some extreme metal fan care about a local show here in my state of North Carolina. It's not likely they're going to jump on a plane just to catch it. So why am I promoting this world wide without really being asked to? Simple answer is dedication by one man, Peter Hasslebrack. For those of you out there who don't know, and there maybe a few, Peter Hasslebrack is the one man Death Metal act BLOODSOAKED.

Ah yeah you have heard of BLOODSOAKED.

Well not long ago I had read a Facebook post on the NC Metal page from Peter wanting to know what's up with there being no Death Metal shows anymore going on locally. Well there are shows but just not a whole helluva lot of em and they'll not attended that well. It's the bad economy people we all know that. But showing how much he cares about the whole Death Metal scene (trust me he really does care a lot since he's responsible for the NC Deathfest every year) Peter set up this Free All Ages Show at a local club on a Saturday night. Now let me put that in a better perspective. A Free Death Metal Show for All Ages at a Local Club on a Saturday FUCKIN Night. If that's not cool enough Peter is also going to give out a free BLOODSOAKED CD to the first hundred people who walk through the damm door. Expect a line prior to the doors opening people with that offer.

Now the only reason I can see for not attending (if you like Extreme Music of course) is that you might be holding out for some free hookers and blow but it ain't gonna happen. Hell I read that some guy who just got his legs amputated is going to be there with his severed legs. Now that's a Death Metal fan people. So on Saturday September 17, 2011 there's going to be some fuckin DEATH METAL cranking out because of one guy's dedication, Peter Hasslebrack. The bands are:

DAIMONIC (Death Metal from Raleigh, NC


HUMAN INFECTION (Death and Grindcore from Virgina)


BLOODSOAKED (Brootal Death Metal from Raleigh, NC)


COFFIN SYRUP (Death and Grind from South Carolina)


MOROSE VITALITY (Extreme NC Death Metal)


I'm sure that all the bands will have plenty of merch on hand that they would love to sell you.

The show is at:
Volume 11 Tavern
658 Maywood Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27603
The Facebook page is:

But if you can't make it out then to all Scumfeast Metal 666 readers (thousands) at least check out these acts via the links provided.

Friday, August 19, 2011

FETUS STENCH Studio Session Video Blog

Swedish death metallers FETUS STENCH have released the first installment of a video blog about the recording of their debut album, one the band states will be absolutely crushing. Watch it here

The album is targeted for an early 2012 release through Abyss Records.


Fetus Stench is a death metal band from Sweden, Karlstad. Formed in 2011 by Björte of Slaughterous on guitar and vocals, along with Emil from Blood Red Throne on drums, Bullen from The Law/Inferior on bass and Illern of ACDS on guitars. After unleashing the first demo in the beginning of 2011 the band got signed to Abyss Records.

You are strongly advised to take cover now.

PERVERSITY To Release New Album Via Lavadome Productions In August

Lavadome productions is proud to announce the signing of Slovakian Death Metal marauders, PERVERSITY, for the release of band's upcoming fourth album, "Ablaze", due out on August 31, 2011.

“Ablaze” is about to prove what PERVERSITY's revitalized and exhilarating line-up is capable of. An intro plus nine tracks deliver skillfully executed, unrelentingly bludgeoning death metal that’s true to the obscurity of the underground. The music stands on its own as a collection of original, authentic sonic assaults, but fans of Incantation, old Sinister, and all who love to sink their teeth into complex death metal brutality will take notice where it’s all coming from.

You can check out the album’s cover art right now, and a track from the album, “Merciless Messiah”, is available for streaming or download from PERVERSITY’s Bandcamp page at following location:

Both PERVERSITY and Lavadome truly look forward to working together under one flag, dedicated to transmitting the band’s Death Metal message to those who still care and believe in what death metal was, is, and will be.

More info:

REIGN OF VENGEANCE and REBIRTH front man Marshall "Fucking" Beck releases "A Dark Path" E-Book

Marshall "Fucking" Beck, front man for AZ-based tech deathers Reign Of Vengeance [Brain Damage Films/Music] and Rebirth is pleased to announce the release of his latest horrifying short story, "A Dark Path." The short story is being offered as a free bonus to those who purchase his recently released collection "And Let There Be Darkness," currently available on both paperback and E-Book format via A Book's Mart.

"Street lights appear in the far distance, glowing soft and orange through the trees, slightly lighting the path. Allen turns his attention again to Elissa, disliking that even amidst the bad memories he misses her so terribly. He thinks to himself how things might be if only he could have responded differently during their last and final fight, the only fight he believes that ever really matters in any relationship. "

Beck's first novel, a collection of short stories entitled "And Let There Be Darkness is available on paperback and E-Book at:

"Much like his music, Marshall Beck's short stories are violent, disturbing, misogynistic and lack any redeeming social value. In other words, they're entertaining as hell. This is 'Eat. Pray. Love.' for metalheads." - Mike R. Meyer (Tempe Carnivore/Phoenix New Times)

"We are afraid of what God would do to us for giving this book a positive review. We are afraid of what Marshall will do if we do not... Please just keep this anonymous." - Anonymous review (from a major Arizona Newspaper)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ENTRAILS Returns with The Tomb Awaits on September 9

You've been waiting for this one! If you thought Entrails' Tales from the Morgue was one of the best old school Swedish death metal releases of 2010 (and many of you did), then be prepared to crown The Tomb Awaits king for 2011. The album is set for a September 9th release on Dark Descent Records in North America and on FDA Rekotz in Europe. Once again mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swano, The Tomb Awaits also features guest vocals by Swano and cover art by Daniel Devilish. Expect nothing less than festering, rotten death metal. Remember, The Tomb Awaits...


The Tomb Awaits

Unleashed with Wrath

Crawling Death

Eaten by the Dead

To Live is to Rot


The Slithering Below

End of All Existence

Collection of Cracked Heads

Remains in Read

Total Death

Unspeakable Obscenities

Pre-orders for The Tomb Awaits are currently being taken through Dark Descent Records (North America) and FDA-Rekotz (Europe).


Formed in 1991, Entrails was largely inactive until 2008 when it released a couple of demo tapes worth of material that was originally written in the early 90s. In 2010, Entrails hit the studio and recorded what was their first full-length titled Tales from the Morgue. Honest, true, HM-2 Swedish death metal, Tales from the Morgue was highly acclaimed and exposed Entrails to a large audience. Additionally, Tales from the Morgue also proved that Entrails was not just some retro-Swedish death metal band, but the real deal.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Unlike all of the other pre ejaculators in the mainstream "lamestream" media:
Metalsucks, Blabbermouth, those hipsters at Noisecreep and the Brooklyn Vegan, the NY Daily News where hipsters get all of their metal news along with the Village Voice, Rolling Stone (does anyone really read that anymore?), the Christian Post (wtf?), Metal Injection, Metal Underground, Metal Insider (not this time clowns) and a host of others that I'm not going to list because I'm fucking tired.


Simple because unlike the people who write (aka: repost) for all of those other bastions of journalistic integrity websites, I (Mr. Wolf) have a life and a day job. Now this morning I did get an email telling me of this SAB4 reunion and I thought "so what". When I came home for lunch and got online I saw some Facebook posts about it and I thought "so what". I posted an ORCHID video from Youtube just to show how much I really cared. Now don't get me wrong here people (and you others). I'm not some jaded old sob. In fact not only do I love SABBATH but I seen em live, back in 1978! Yeah back when they were still a real band and not some Ozzfest reunion show greatest hits act. So you see I waited till I got home from work, went directly to Tony Iommi's website and read the following:

16th August 2011
Black Sabbath Reunion
I'm saddened that a Birmingham journalist whom I trusted has chosen this point in time to take a conversation we had back in June and make it sound like we spoke yesterday about a Black Sabbath reunion.
At the time I was supporting the Home of Metal exhibition and was merely speculating, shooting the breeze, on something all of us get asked constantly, "Are you getting back together?"
Thanks to the Internet it's gone round the world as some sort of "official" statement on my part, absolute nonsense. I hope he's enjoyed his moment of glory, he won't have another at my expense.
to my old pals, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, sorry about this, I should have known better.
All the best, Tony

You have to be a real idiot or a hipster to think SABBATH will not reunite someday. I said it the day after Dio died that an Ozzy SABBATH reunion would be next after all of the Dio love died down. Who is going to see another Tony Iommi & Friends show? Ian Gillan is not coming back to do a Born Again again tour.

So yeah eventually the original SAB4 will reunite but just look at what happens when you have a bunch of cocksuckers in the media all trying to get their posts up in the Google top 10? Yeah you get false info put out. Not one asshole cocksucker even bothered to check to see if it was true.


While everyone else now looks like hipster retards SCUMFEAST METAL 666 DOESN'T.
Thank You & Fuck Off.
mr. wolf


GORGY Brings Death with Birth of Damnation


The minds of Christians shall be destroyed! Kentucky's GORGY have arrived to desecrate and defile all that is holy with their crushing debut album Birth Of Damnation on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Haemorrhage, Immolation, Impetigo, Incantation, Lord Gore and Suffocation. Damnation has been unleashed!

Track List:

1. Welcoming The Gore
2. Retaliation Of Your Disease
3. 3rd Degree Sodomy
4. May Cause Birth Defects
5. Battered Bruised Raped & Torn
6. Disgorge The Child
7. Induce The Inutile
8. Birth Of Damnation


Joining together in 2008, the members of Gorgy - , Kelly "Taker" McCoy, Clint Glasscock formally of Scars of Suffering and Jeremy Miller, Bobby Snook (ex-Internal Malice) and Chris Haynes (ex-Imbrued Deceit) - have a long history in the metal underground. True to the roots of the genre, the songs of Birth of Damnation include only the most sick and brutal topics that humanity can put forth. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe from the band's lyrical attack. GORGY strives to keep songs diverse and through a collaborative compositional effort.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mitochondrion's Archaeaeon Now Available Through Dark Descent Records

Dark, chaotic, frenzied; these are some of the words that are often used to describe Canadians Mitochondrion. Originally issued on a self-released CD and limited to 666 copies, Archaeaeon finally sees an official issue through Dark Descent Records.

Archaeaeon is now presented with a fuller sound thanks to a remaster by Colin Marston and comes complete with an eight-page layout on heavy duty matte stock to further enhance the archaic-like artwork. No longer is there a need to scrounge Ebay for the band's self-release and pay ridiculous secondary prices. Don't miss this version of one of 2008's

best albums in all of its improved glory.

Archaeaeon is now shipping and available for purchase at http//


Chapter 11

Into the Pit of Babel

Agonizing (In the Shadow of the Hammerblow)

Eternal Contempt of Man

Infernal Weapons Summons

Oath In Defiance

Descent ...


Akashic Predation

137 (Death's Hedecaratia)

Organum Exitus

"Archaeaeon is a monolithic brilliancy which during its time was considered extremely difficult to top. Perhaps the fact that it was done later by Mitochondrion themselves is a testament both to the quality of "Archaeaeon" and to the caliber of these brilliant musicians from Canada." -

"I want to furiously fuck a harem of women over a rotting rhino carcass in the flaming remnants of a bombed out Mormon church to the music of Mitochondrion. BRING ON THE CARNAGE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!" - Teufel's Tomb

"Mitochondrion are one of the best death metal bands happening right now. They are possessive of that rare combination of colossal ambition and colossaler talent. Death metal needs more bands like this." - Number of the Blog

"Mitochondria are present in all multicellular life forms and are related to archaic life forms which now have become modern bacteria (and archea). These are both disease bearing and life bringing. The most basic duality: life and death, creation and destruction. Archaic life adapted to these parasites and in turn has achieved higher planes of existence; higher life still depends of the parasites of old. Life depends upon that which was initially destructive/parasitic."

"Mitochondria: the basest motivators for life and the simplest essential forms that drive existence. Once a subject is stripped down to the barest of essential elements (or as the alchemist calls prima materia) it can then be built up again to a more perfect being ..."

DEATH STRIKE - Fuckin' Death Vinyl Reissue Now Available For Pre-order

With the CD reissue of Death Strike's classic Fuckin' Death already available, Dark Descent Records is now taking pre-orders for the vinyl version of this early death metal masterpiece.

Fucking Death will be issued with the following:

Limited edition of 100 Gold colored vinyl with matching Gold pantone LP jackets and LP labels. This version is only available through Dark Descent Records web store at

Limited edition of 100 Silver colored vinyl with matching Silver pantone LP jackets and LP labels. This version is only available through Me Saco Un Ojo Records web store at

Remaining vinyl will be Black colored vinyl; half with Gold pantone LP jackets/labels while the other half come with Silver pantone LP jackets/labels. Don't miss this chance to own one of the genre's definitive classics reissued with bonus rehearsal tracks. For fans of classic death metal regardless if you own the original issue or not!

Fuckin' Death represented one of death metal's earliest recordings. "Over a quarter of a century after its initial recording, Fuckin' Death is not only one of the most brutal audio tortures of the mid '80s but one of the key ingredients in the early devilish recipe that gave us death fuckin' metal." Death Strike disbanded after 1985's Fuckin' Death demo and Paul Speckmann went on to front the legendary Master. Fuckin' Death was eventually re-released in 1991 on CD and vinyl, with additional tracks penned by Speckmann on the Nuclear Blast label.

The LP reissue contains the original eight tracks offered by the 1991 Nuclear Blast edition. In addition to the LP, a bonus 7" will contain four rehearsal tracks that were released with the reissued CD version by Dark Descent in mid-2011.

The layout features new liner notes from Paul Speckmann and a foreword by "Zoltar" from Terrorizer Magazine.


The Truth

Mangled Dehumanization

Pay To Die

Re-Entry And Destruction

The Final Conflict

Man Killed America/ Embryonic Misc


Remorseless Poison

Rehearsal Tracks (Included on Bonus 7"):

Live for Free

The Truth

Pay to Die


Visit for ordering information.

MORDBRAND - Necropsychotic CDEP review

MORDBRAND - Necropsychotic CDEP
Deathgasm Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

So you're walking down the street one day and suddenly the ground starts shaking like it's fucking earthquake. The next thing which happens is the the street cracks open in front of you and this giant figure emerges. No it's not the Martian walker thing from that War of the Worlds remake. It's Per Boder formerly of the legendary GOD MACABRE and now singing with this new Swedish Death Metal onslaught MORDBRAND. Yeah sure that's a lot to take in but if you listen to the opener "Eaters of the Void" you'll understand and it's far more destructive than that thing from the movie. Also this is from Deathgasm Records so automatically you know it's going to be good. Now although this is billed as Death Metal there's also plenty of crust and thrash influences seething through this courtesy of the other band members Björn Larsson (guitar, bass and background screams) and Johan Rudberg (drums). This duo brings with them copious amounts of extreme musical aggression from being in the thrash band THE LAW and the crust grind duo KARENSDAG.

Songs like "Graveyard Revisited" and "Skärseld (Return to the Unholy)" might be gore splattered death thanks to Boder's horror growl but the wall of riff power and percussion is pure D-Beat. Once thing I miss seeing at death metal shows are crowds going fucking nuts thrashing around in the pit. This would definitely get one started unless the band was playing in a graveyard. Then again this would also have the corpses rising into a slam dance. They do slow down to a mid pace speed in order for you to catch your breath on "The Fall of Flesh" and the final cut "Deliverance" but otherwise you're fucked. Sandwiched between them is "Death Bound" which is a fast dirty blasting fit for pummeling. Unfortunately this is just six cuts but it's completely worthy of your attention. This is technically MORDBRAND's debut although they did release a split last year with the British death metal act EVOKE. Either way you need this because your death gore metal life depends on it.



DALRIADA - Igeret CD review

Genre: Folk Metal
Rating: 5/5

Even for someone like me who considers himself some what up to speed on the all of the various bands out there who huddle under this genre I had to ask "Who?" Well thankfully after listening to this and reading up on this Hungarian Folk Metal act my ignorance has turned into an education. You see old wolves can learn about new bands. First off DALRIADA are not a new band at all. In fact they've been around quite some time. They originally started out as ECHO OF DALRIADA back in the late nineties playing some cool sounding epic folk metal. I went back and checked out their releases, 2004's Fergeteg and Jégbontó from 2006, both of which are equal to anything being produced today by their contemporaries in the genre. After that last release the band decided to shorten their name to simply DALRIADA mixing up their style of music and have released a full length every year with the exception of 2010. So this one here is their sixth full length and obviously the question bares asking why has a band like this which plays some decent sounding folk metal go unnoticed for so long? Unfortunately I really don't have an answer for that but I will suggest that maybe bad promotion out of their homeland could be the reason. Still with the explosion in popularity of the genre and European festivals dedicated to showcasing these types of bands I'm still at a lost for a true answer. Either way I have to appreciate a band who still stuck it out over the years getting little to no recognition while their contemporaries were getting glossy photo ops in the pages of major metal mags.

With all of that said I need to point out for those of you into the Paganfest (the lineups that play the states at least)variety of folk metal this one might not be your thing. Not only does DALRIADA sing in their native language, which I always appreciate with these types of bands, but their sound is steeped in the folk music of an Eastern European tradition. Yes there's plenty of melodic power metal running throughout but don't freak out when you hear the sound of a violin solo or a lute joining in. The obvious high part for me is vocalist Laura Binder who for the most part sings clean although she'll drop in a growl or two just to show she's not just a eye candy diva behind the mic. Binder's vocals are never in an angry or powerful style in fact she comes off sounding happy and having a blast. Sure it's folksy, soulful and pardon me, cheery, but I'm guessing when the music is blasting away she's up on stage head banging along to the riffs. Guitarist András Ficzek adds the masculine beastly sounding vocals at times that roughs things up and also keeps to the "beauty and beast" vocal formula. The songs all contain heavy crunchy riffs which within the folk structure keeps things catchy. It all kinda reminds me of a female fronted KORPIKLANNI minus all of the drinking songs. Then again I have no clue to what the songs are about. Ironically though Jonne Jarvela of KORPIKLANNI does get a guest spot sharing lead vocals with Binder on the final track.




Transcendental Creations
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Even though Henosis is this Dutch duo's third full length in three years it's still my introduction to the atmospheric macabre they bring forth. Many thanks goes out to an overseas pal who pushed this in my direction then again it could have been like the passing of a cursed talisman. THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE is more like a nightmare of continuous dread. The sound on here is muddled up blackened drone and doom with a heavily distorted guitar and bass tone that must have been created by shoving bone fragments into the amps. Their use of keyboards are more akin to an underworld hurdy gurdy. Then there's the inhuman sounds with utter from the duo's mouths which sound like they were recorded from under a ton of piled crud. Luckily all of this ended in under forty minutes because there is a limit to even someone with extreme tastes can stand and I have been waterboarded.

This thing starts out simple enough with the ambient opener "One" but it's a trick. Once inside you are surrounding by punishing black doom and the feeling that the floor has disappeared. You have just fallen into an ominous machine that has one function and it's to crush your body into a thin coating of slime. The process continues with "Vision of the Twelve Priests Before the Altar" which is a high speed conveyor blasting away while the operators H.T. Mozes and S. Serpentijn scream and growl in delight. Notice again how I didn't use the term "vocals" in describing what mutterings emit from their mouths. As the demise continues you realize that what you consider torture this duo thinks is sadistic fun. The tones vary in intensity with even some milder moments thrown in. Although it's merely used to fuck with your mind. The alternating speeds, added keyboards which haunt instead of sooth and a completely gloom atmosphere is all there is. By the time you reach the final cut "Yaldabaoth" your remains are now suitable to fill an eight ounce cup.

Many bands within the blackened genre have followed along the lines of this nasty recipe. My all time favorite was Sweden's ABRUPTUM although what they forced upon you was more of the chaotic. This Dutch duo is more methodical as if they're just pushing the buttons and levers while the machine does the actual tearing of flesh, bone and mind. After repeated listens the horror of the imagined imagery wears off slightly. From what I've learned about THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE is that this latest release is a more accessible one than their previous two which supposedly received critical acclaim. Those critics are now dead. Seriously when Henosis finally does come to it's conclusion even the silence leaves you on edge. You wondering is it really over or is this another trick. Some of you tyranny history buffs will be reminded how this was a technique used widely by secret police forces the world over. So whether it's confessing your crimes, sins or your lameness, this release will put you on the path of redemption in one form or another.



DISMEMBERMENT - The Condemned CDEP review

Self Released
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 4/5

When the whole neo thrash revival started making waves a few years ago I was one of those old school scumfucs who stood up and cheered. In all honesty that's all I could do since I don't run into slam pits anymore and well what people call pitting today is sort of a joke. But to some degree I'm still cheering these bands on although the field of battle has become history repeating itself. The initial tsunami has passed and now we're dealing with the smaller waves. Some of which are simply mediocre sounding coat tail riders who just wanna make a buck or two while others are actually trying to leave some scars behind in order to make themselves known. Regular readers of SFM666 know full well of what I think of the former which is why the latter ones are much more appealing to me. I don't know what will happen to this four piece thrash act from Ohio a few years from now when the jaded ones regain control and crush the rebellion of their mainstream music tastes. One thing for sure is that presently this six song release of theirs is some decent sounding thrash which is not out to break new ground or showing progression (thank you very much since I remember the late 80's). On the contrary what they're doing on The Condemned is full filling a need. For thrash fans that need means slamming into every piece of furniture in your room and at least knocking a hole or two into the walls with your elbows while this release is playing. Don't worry about the mess since you can simply put on some safe sedate stuff later to get you in the clean up mood.

Since this is an EP the band really has no time to fuck around with atmospheric intros to entice your senses. Frankly I'm really sick of that shit. Instead they just open with the title cut as if it was a spiked club and proceed to beat upon you. As far as style and influences go this band has one foot firmly planted in the more angry thrash side of the past US greats or at least should have been greats while the other foot is with the Teutonic ones like KREATOR or DESTRUCTION. Instead of razor blade like slashing these guys are using their songs like daggers for deep cuts. Maybe my calling them simply thrash is a disservice since they slip in much more as far as structure and style goes. These guys will be blazing along and then without warning break down into some blackened riffage or a death metal groove which keeps things interesting. Now obviously that's nothing new especially if you consider what their fellow in state thrashers SKELETONWITCH have been doing but it's certainly a hell of a lot more entertaining than another EXODUS/SLAYER wannabe. In fact it's a reminder that Midwest thrash acts have always had this attitude which says we don't care how they do it on the coasts. It's the same with the vocals which instead of being caustic are actually hateful sounding rasps being spit out. If there's a problem I have with this release its that there's not enough of it. Otherwise DISMEMBERMENT are the type of rule breakers which will keep this genre exciting without having to lower themselves to those "core" standards or jazz progression.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

CRYPTBORN - Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead CDEP review

CRYPTBORN - Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead CDEP
Dark Descent Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

As soon as the opening intro cut "A Feast for the Grave" started I thought yeah this does sound like GRAVE. Then again they're on Dark Descent Records which is the purveyor of everything OSDM (Old School Death Metal). Not that I have a problem with that. On the contrary I'd kill for that label if they asked me to and in a way they have with all of the releases they put out which influences me to do many evil deeds. For example after reviewing one of their last releases which was sent in I went out to a pet store, bought a bunny and killed it with my bare hands in front of the clerk. After listening to this one I'm gonna have to get inventive especially since my conceal and carry permit was revoked. It was a misunderstanding of course. Although there is nothing to be misunderstood about what this Finnish band does on their debut. This is more OSDM from a band who obviously practices in a cave to get that perfect sound from 1991. When they showed up at the studio to record this monster the first thing the guy in the booth did was rip down the AMORPHIS poster from the wall. I'm joking of course because I have nothing against AMORPHIS, yeah right I'm a horrible liar. Not only did I refused to review their latest one but I refused to acknowledge it. They'll probably win a Finnish Grammy but CRYPTBORN are probably already wanted by the authorities. I'm guessing there's a few lifeless bodies laying around after they play a show. I'm not kidding about that one either just listen to this. Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead is a short release, only seven cuts in twenty eight minutes, but its full on primal stuff. We're talking dark and destructive here people. Not only does this band probably practice in a cave they most likely live in it as well. Their walls are adorned with the names (band logos) of the ancient greats painted in blood to remind them of the path they're following.

Now although CRYPTBORN is a brand new band the members are not the typical young guns who have rediscovered OSDM. Which has been the case for the past three or four years. In fact these guys are mostly veterans of the underground scene and not just in Finland. For starters there's vocalist Christbutcher who not only sounds like some mountain roaming beast but is originally from the US (Denver, Colorado to be exact.) Not too long ago he use to growl for a US band called the NICARAGUAN DEATH SQUAD, as well as a few others. Now it's not that they ever made a name for themselves by putting out a slew of releases, which they didn't. It's just the type of band name that once you see it in print or on a flyer you never forget it. Also for some strange reason I think I was at one of their shows. Now when Christbutcher relocated to Finland (obviously for the warmer weather and sunny beaches) he hooked with some locals and ended up being in the blackened death band MAVETH. CRYPTBORN's bassist Jani Nupponen and one of their two guitarists Ville Markkanen were also in MAVETH. So with the familiar atmosphere between band members it's no wonder why this release sounds so fluid in it's performance as well as being monolithic in power. Like I said it's only an EP and it sounds like old GRAVE but I expect more from this band in the near future which will be of their own foot print in extremism. Maybe get their full length cover art done by Putrid who is responsible for this one as well.



PSYCHO - Pain Addict Pigs CD review

PSYCHO - Pain Addict Pigs CD
Moribund Cult
Genre: Blackened Death Thrash
Rating: 3/5

This Singapore act follows along similar lines of other far east acts. They take all of the chops that the rest of the extreme music world has to offer, throws em into a vat of boiling liquid and then sees what floats. They consume that stuff and then vomit it all out in musical form. OK I'm being nice since PSYCHO are really not doing anything on here that hasn't been done to death before. I'm not saying it's bad of course. After the obligatory eerie opening of titled "Intro (The First Incantation)" the band simply runs through all of their cuts like a relentless washing machine that's seen better days. This thing basically runs on cycles of simple blackened death with bursts of thrash grooves to get the crowd head banging. The vocals by Penny Torture (sounds like a goth name?) are sadistic in sound and execution and guitarist Bryan John (again what a name?) rips through some solos which cut through flesh like piano wire. Not bad but there's never a time for some neck snapping brutality like their countrymen, IMPIETY, have been known for. PSYCHO aims for that old school feel and nails it but without anything which would allow them to stand out amongst the already overflowing crowd. Musically it's top notch as if they're playing from a template. Then again being the second famous extreme metal act from Singapore ain't a bad thing.



GOREGAST - Desechos Humanos CD review

GOREGAST - Desechos Humanos CD
FDA Rekotz
Genre: Death Grind
Rating: 5/5

What Hell have wrought or better yet Germany, since that's where this death grind troupe hails from and with this their third full length war continues on. They first declared it back in 2005. What's really funny is that a week or two ago I was complaining about US grind lacking in it's intensity well here's the reason why. You have bands like this all across the world kicking more ass then their friends here in the states. Hey don't get me wrong I'm not some self loathing liberal who hates his nation of birth. I love my country but I'm telling it like it is and this act kicks fuckin ass as far as Grind goes. Now just for the record GOREGAST is far from being a pure grindcore act, thank you for that, although they wear their social/political agenda on their sleeves as well as their release covers. Instead of being purists these Germans add plenty outside genre interventions such as some crust, groove and old school death metal. All combined it becomes an audio onslaught of highest proportions.

When this thing opens with the title track it's as if some giant fuckin doors have opened and the fury of Hell has been unleashed. Although it slowly walks out onto the world, looks around and then picks it's targets for destruction. After a minute it becomes no man's land. I'm talking serious annihilation here people. There's no reinvention going on either. GOREGAST pretty much keep things simple in the riff and blast beat departments. The vocals are an extreme mixed bag of growls, screams and throaty lyrical interpretations. This band just pushes the intensity up and the perfect production helps everything jump right out at you for better or worse depending on your stamina. Speaking of which this is the type of stuff to start a pit (a real slam pit) to. We do not need any of that robotic yoga crap, picking up change or what ever the fuck you kids call that death core dancing shit to this. You will be killed and then some poor bastard who works at the club will have to explain to your parents, when they come to pick you up after the show ha ha, that you died trying to do your happy dance in the midst of an GOREGAST onslaught. Then again this band wouldn't care because they hate humans.



BLEEDING FIST - Devils Ferox CDEP review

Moribund Cult
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

When last I checked in with this Slovenian horde it was back in 2009 with their Bestial Kruzifix666ion full length. There was a perfect example of evil made fun with invocations of VENOM, CELTIC FROST, DARKTHRONE as well as the Devil himself just to please those of us who have never forgotten the sheer enjoyment of early black metal and to piss off those who wanna run away from it screaming. Unfortunately for me I missed out on last years Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus CDEP which was also on Moribund. Be that as it may here we have another EP's worth of relentless hate which these Slovenians boast was recorded live in just six hours. That left them six hundred sixty hours left over on the studio time credit. And just think it takes METALLICA six hours to string a guitar. But getting back to this one, early on BLEEDING FIST was tagged as another blackened thrash act. Although there's nothing wrong with that but on here it's strictly in the black. Four originals and a tribute to the masters of occult metal Death SS “Black and Violet”. I have the enhanced CD version which also includes a video for the opening cut "Monuments Desecration" plus “Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh” which was on last years CDEP.



WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Celestial Lineage CD review

Southern Lord
Genre: Indie Rock/Post Something or Other
Rating: 1/5

One of the finer moments from 2009 was seeing all of the uber hip music critics get their panties in a wad over the WITTR's Black Cascade. The Northwestern granola chewing hippies had done the unthinkable. They released a black metal album that actually contained traditional black metal riffs and (gulp) harsh vocals that sounded authentic. To the members of that limp wristed crowd not only was it worse than being slapped in the face (by a man). But it was as if some corpse painted faced artist carved the likenesses of Fenriz, Varg and Abbath onto the side of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Since that horrible day these (choose one: gray, beige or pink) metal fans had to find solice in whatever that bastion of everything metal, the Village Voice, shoved into their faces and instructed them to suck on. Unfortunately all they got were luke warm versions of WITTR, shit covered shoegazer wimps or (as in last year) a watered down accessible version (if you compare it to their early stuff) of AGALLOCH. Thankfully for those uber hipsters they still had Lady Gaga to fall back on for their extreme (?) musical pleasures. As for me I thought Black Cascade was a good release and it's effect on the indie rock losers who are slumming in the metal music scene was an extra bonus. Fortunately I understood that it was simply a burp on the band's part. Listening to Celestial Lineage shows that not even a bath could totally wash away the Weaver brother's faux eco-spirituality (they didn't ride bicycles on tour or row a boat to Europe for Roadburn a while back) nor their mushroom high induced avant garde pretentiousness.

The indie rock losers and hipster retards, who in the past piled up the unwarranted hype on WITTR, will at first be confused about this new one (an added insult to their already confused lives) since the band provides more song titles then you can count using one hand. They will now have to pull the other one out of their buddies' ass in order to correctly count. Celestial Lineage might provide seven tracks in all but on closer inspection two of them, "Permanent Changes in Consciousness" and "Rainbow Illness" are technically short worthless instrumentals with reverberated moans by guest Aaron Turner of ISIS fame. The bulk five cuts on here will no doubt have the indie rock losers and hipster retards on their knees with mouths open like they did with 2007's Two Hunters. For the rest of us extreme types, who thought Black Cascade wasn't a bad release for a couple of non black metal liberals pussies, this is the type of release you may not wanna be seen with. This release opens in traditional WITTR pre-Black Cascade fashion with "Thuja Magus Imperium" which starts off with some ambient noise followed by the return of the female vocals. I know the indie rock losers and hipster retards wish it was really Nathan Weaver showing his feminine side but no it's really a woman's voice. All of that nonsense finally gives way to some lack luster blackness which builds up near the end. It's like having a glass of milk with a teaspoon of coffee added. After a stupid instrumental there's "Subterranean Imitation" which follows a similar pattern as the opener's except it's shorter. If I didn't have to review Celestial Lineage I might have yanked it out at this point.

The latter half of this release starts off with another pathetic instrumental followed by "Woodland Cathedral" which could just as easily been an instrumental if you took out the female vocals. In their downtime between releases the Weaver brothers must have been trying to figure out how to weave parts of Two Hunters with Euro-centric goth influenced power metal. Answer they did and it sounds like what you would imagine the entrance music to a Hot Topic store would be in Olympia, Washington. One question, are these two female vocalists (Jessika Kenney & Faith Coloccia) who appear on Celestial Lineage sleeping with the Weavers or are they just two broads they found hanging outside of the opera house dressed like Broom Hilda's? Whatever the case the finale of this thing ends with two over ten minute cuts. The first of which, "Astral Blood", is the most palatable cut on here since it's less polarizing. Unfortunately (or is it?) the last one "Prayer of Transformation" had me wondering if the cut was about transcending from flesh to spirit or what goes through the mind of a tranny prior to going under the knife in the operating room. Either way what the duel conceived as a haunting end turned out to really be an ethereal fart. I don't know what is worse the music of Celestial Lineage or the pre-release banter by the indie rock loser critics who harp and gripe about WITTR not being taken seriously as legitimate black metal. Hey if you place your selves in the lofty confines of balloon headed hipster retard-ism. Don't start whining like babies when real black metal fans don't wanna accept you. Celestial Lineage is proof positive that WITTR are (choose one: gray, beige or pink) metal but not very black.



EXCOMMUNICATED - Skeleton Key CD review

Underworld Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

So what happens when you combine a handful of Louisiana death metal band veterans who despise the Catholic church (well at least from the medieval era), have some cool guest friends and a vocalist who also runs the record label? You get what we have here, a Louisiana blackened death super group of sorts. Although if you are a purveyor of the USDM underground then you just might consider this to the be the continuation of the bands these guys were all once members of. We start with CATHOLICON who disbanded in 2009 after fifteen years and whose former vocalist/keyboardist, Chad Kelly, leads this assemblance. Other notables who fill out the line-up include former DESPONDENCY guitarist/bassist Jonathan Joubert and former SUTURE guitarist/bassist Jason McIntyre. The band is finalized with session drummer David Kinkade. (obviously all other Louisiana drummers are involved in Sludge metal bands these days so they had to out-source) They also get additional guest help from Andy LaRocque from KING DIAMOND and added vocals by Vincent Crowley of ACHERON and WOLFEN SOCIETY fame.

In all honesty Skeleton Key took me by surprise since I was really expecting this to be a true representation of the sum of all it's parts. In other words I was expecting a decent old school blackened death release. In a way it is but it also reminds me of the more recent concept material from BEHEMOTH minus the heavy technical aspects of course. McIntyre brings with him the brutality while Joubert adds the melodic structures and Kelly as lyricist/vocalist adds the examination of the subject manner (in this case the corruption, scandals, as well as the behavior of the medieval Catholic Church.) Plus his vocals bring about this feeling as if he's playing multiple roles in a one man ten act play. He is part story teller, part inquisitor, part victim and part hero. Actually I should say nine act play since out of the ten cuts the opener "The Abandonment of Hope" is an instrumental intro. Be that as it may the lyrical concept here is something which I would've expected from CATHOLICON if they had not called it quits. The songs on here do not over power but instead draw you into a storyline that's historical as well as interesting. The musicianship is spot on with the exception of Kinkade's drumming which is too clicky and even simplistic at times. Even with that said Skeleton Key is a dark representation into an even darker closet.


ATRIARCH - Forever the End CD review

ATRIARCH - Forever the End CD
Seventh Rule
Genre: Doom/Drone
Rating: 5/5

I'm not much on aging wine but I do know about cooking. Whenever you make a home made soup or stew it takes time to cook in order to allow all of the various flavors of the ingredients to mingle. My homemade chili is the same way since it takes a whole day to cook and still it tastes better the second day. Certain styles of music follow a similar process. Take this latest one from Portland's ATRIARCH for example. When I first listened to this their debut full length my initial reaction was that of someone with ants crawling all over em. It was an annoying duo of crusty doom and drone slithering down some forgotten stretch of highway. The further away the better I thought, then again I did have a bad day. Now two days later I find this four song opus of their's to be an intriguing sonically dark ritual that sounds like it was unearthed from some ancient crypt with a Peter Murphy sound alike leading the ashen faced hooded followers lining the walls. It's still crusty with a thick layer of distortion and the gothic vocals but the atmosphere this creates is almost ceremonial. I'm listening to the opening cut "Plague" and I'm waiting for something weird to happen. The vocals almost sound as if there's some sort of conjuring going on as it bleeds into the following cut "Shadows".

ATRIARCH is kinda like a funeral doom version of BAUHAUS or post Only A Theatre of Pain era CHRISTIAN DEATH (yeah after guitarist Rikk Agnew left they just turned into a gothic turd) You just can't help but think "goth" but not in that modern Hot Topic sense. Nowadays since the term "goth" has gotten a bad rap you have these revisionist losers making up genre terms like "death rock" to avoid being honest. There's no such thing as death rock. At least no one in the underground punk zine community back in the day used the term. In the late 70s/early 80s we might've used the term "death punk" because that's what some bands called themselves but mainly people called it Goth or Gothic Rock. ATRIARCH does keeps things on a more metal plain by adding blackened harsh vocals and sometimes a GODFLESH style industrial edge like at the end of "Shadows". But on a whole the release keeps things varied with an array of textures which keeps the listener on edge. The guitar work is kept in check mostly (except when it comes crashing in like falling sheets of glass) leaving plenty of room for the bass playing to take it's prominent role. On "Fracture" the song slowly creeps along as if the arisen figure of Rozz Williams is walking towards you speaking poetic verses until your face to face and the claw like hands grip hold of your shoulders. I won't get too deep on what probably happens but suffice to say it's ghastly. The last cut "Downfall" follows a similar path. What a difference a few days makes.



WISHDOOM - Helepolis CD review

WISHDOOM - Helepolis CD
Metal on Metal
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 2/5

I was thinking this was going to be Doom but it's like the Greek version of MANOWAR. Well maybe MANOWAR-lite would be a better analogy. Still we're talking "troo metal" here folks with plenty of battle themed songs like "The Battle of Plataea", (yeah I know that was a given) "Screaming Blade" and "Guardians of Steel". If you're a power metal act you have to have a song with "steel" in it's title. Don't take my word for it just look on almost any MANOWAR album. My close friend Andy has all of their releases, not me of course, so I'm just going on what I've seen at his house during drunken parties screaming "hey let's play some fuckin MANOWAR to fight and kill for evermore" followed by laughter and then regret. Next of course comes the mythology angle which is obvious since the band is from Greece. You've got your title track which also opens this one plus the obligatory nod to the ancient gods like "Zeus the Thunderer" and a Conan the Barbarian tribute "Cimmerian Plains - Son of Crom". This band is even a four piece, just like MANOWAR, but at least they don't pose in Tarzan shorts and codpieces, like MANOWAR does or did. WISHDOOM plays on the cliche fantasy themed metal template to the point of which only someone heavily into this genre will love. It's still kinda lack luster for a debut. The songs never really push over the ambitious level which would have your power metal extremist grabbing their fake sword and hailing the gods of old. The vocals are average which hurts these cuts because every once in a while the melodies really push hard for that sword and sandal epicness. Some of those cuts I already mentioned but "My Wish Your Doom" is as close to real doom as this band gets. The rest is power metal bliss or yawn depending on your jadedness. In the long run I doubt the Persians will be worried.



SPELLCASTER - Under the Spell CD review

SPELLCASTER - Under the Spell CD
Heavy Artillery
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

I'll just pat myself on the back with a congratulatory "well I told ya so" since I did predict that classic heavy metal sounding bands from the states would be the next revival wave back in 2009. Now if I did say that they were all going to be this incredible then you could just call me an oracle. Case in point, here we have a new band out of Oregon who I like to refer to as one of those time machine bands. SPELLCASTER sound like a band who stepped into a time machine back in 82 after seeing the metal scene changing and walked out of it now to rock your world. These guys are not some simple copycat act. They're a tight sounding five piece that uses the classic style of buzzsaw riffs, fiery solos, a powerful rhythm section and of course a singer who has real guy vocals but can also let loose with a heavy metal scream. As far as their songs go there's not a dude in the bunch. Also I really can't pick out a particular classic heavy metal act from the past that they're heavily influenced by. So yes originallity is in their favor. Simply put this is fuckin decent.



CIANIDE - Gods Of Death CD review

CIANIDE - Gods Of Death CD
Hells Headbangers
Genre: Death/Doom
Rating: 5/5

One of Chicago's mightiest and longest running death/doom pain mongers is back with their sixth full length. Yeah CIANIDE were never known for being prolific as far as putting out releases on a regular basis in their over twenty year existence. But everything they've released be it, full lengths, splits, comps and an assortment of demos, never failed to be less than extremely essential. Years ago they were thought to have broken up but then out came another release of punishing and disgusting death doom which was fit to kill for. CIANIDE are simply filth and are a perfect band to be on Hells Headbangers. So when last we met CIANIDE, besides the various split releases, was back in 2005 with Hell's Rebirth. I'm happy to say that nothing has changed since. Some people (re: losers) rather see bands progress from release to release. I say fuck those assholes and they shouldn't even be listening to a band like CIANIDE, let alone extreme metal, because it would kill them. As long as you put out quality extreme fuckin music which will scare 99% of music listeners world wide then you've done your job.

This is an old school type of bludgeoning which these guys along with another Chicago DM great, MASTER, were know to deliver unmercilessly upon unsuspecting listerners. The fuckin survivors of their onslaught became instant fans, friends (with beer) and followers. A huge chunk of these new bands here in the states playing OSDM (aka: Old School Death Metal) owe their existence to CIANIDE, as well as a host of others. Gods Of Death is misanthropic metal for us barbarians whose eyes bleed blood from waking dreams of murder mayhem while listening the crust infused death crushes of the opener "Desecration Storm" followed by "Forsaken Doom". When a little speed is of the essence there's "Rising of the Beast" and "Idolator". There's eight songs in all which is basically all you need but playing the over eight minute opus of "The One True Death" a few times in a row had me breaking out the firearms for an inspection of cleanliness. Hey you never know where the inspiration of this band's music will take you so it's better to be prepared. But chances are you're clueless to what I mean then again targets don't talk they just get shot. Yes it's true, CIANIDE still kills.



BOLERO - Voyage from Vinland CD review

BOLERO - Voyage from Vinland CD
Self Released
Genre: Pagan/Folk Metal
Rating: 2/5

As any reader of Scumfeast Metal 666 will tell you I've always been into the Pagan Folk metal genre and giving it's various bands credit which they richly deserved. Unfortunately the Paganfest free for all over the past couple of years has created a genre overflowing with too many copy cats swimming behind the original long boats in order to catch a ride. Which brings us to this Canadian band who are musically spot on with their rendition of the pagan folk elements inter weaved with the melodic metal structure. Unfortunately there are a lot of things wrong here which makes this less enjoyable then what other's previously have done. First off is their band name because when I see the word "bolero" I'm not able to link that to the pagan, folk or viking legends since it's more a reference to Latin music and dance. Secondly the release title is backwards. Wouldn't it be more relative to the musical genre subject matter to be "voyage to vinland"? Be that as it may nice cover art work and it could be worse. They could have been Pirate Metal.

Now getting back to the music, on this their debut full length, the band borrows influences from most every European act whose ever graced a Paganfest stage with a regimented melodic death metal pedigree. Their song themes run through the various cliche themes of drinking, battles and that o'l north land magic. Instead of adding traditional folk instrumentation ala: strings, woodwinds, accordions, etc, these Canadians use keyboards to cover that ground. I always found that to be a cheap imitation to what the great bands of this genre have already done and continue to do. BOLERO does introduce some acoustic guitar on a number of cuts but even that sounds cliche. Sure it must be hard to have an ad answered which reads "Wanted: Metal band seeks multi instrumentalist who can play accordion, tin whistle, flute and fiddle." Of course having those doesn't necessarily make one a pagan folk act but not being from a Scandinavian country or even from a Northern European nation really hurts one's credibility as well as sincerity to the music. Don't get me wrong and think I'm picking on this because they're Canadian. Hell I've dumped avalanches of scorn upon wanna-be Pagan Folk Battle Metal acts from the the US, Mediterranean countries and even one from South America.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

BALACLAVA - Crimes of Faith LP review

BALACLAVA - Crimes of Faith LP
Forcefield Records
Genre: Crust/Doom
Rating: 1/5

This Richmond, Virginia act is a mixed bag of cheap sludge and crust. It's kinda like NEUROSIS playing a basement show at a crusty punk squat except that when NEUROSIS was playing basements, living rooms and back yards they were better then this. Their first 7"er was a favorite of mine as well as their first full length and they were still Hardcore back then. But this is more like some crusties trying to be a NEURISIS type act after copious listenings to downloaded band catalogs and failing even in this copy cat stage. Their attempts at the sludge factor are meek reminders of something which has been done a hundred times better by others. As far as the crust portions go that's horribly amateurish as well. Someone should go to their homes and remove any Crust records & CDs from the premises because frankly you are not worthy. This band (?) should just take a shower, buy some hipster clothes and go to college where they can major in fuckin up for six or eight years in order to get their four year degree. After that they can all move back in with their parents and spend all of the time on liberal blogs spouting nonsense but at least they can boast about having a degree in something that wouldn't even help them get jobs at McDonalds. There's your future because as far as your music career goes anyone who grants you a second release is being charitable. By the way this will be released on CD by Southern Lord, the new home for acts of this ilk. Which is pretty sad since they used to have some decent bands.



ETERNAL SILENCE - The Arsonist CD review

Self Released
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

At first I thought this was a debut from some young band dedicated to ripping your face off with their brand of good o'l American Death Metal with some flourishes of the melodic from Sweden. Then I found out they're really veterans of the Midwest extreme metal scene who have always been dedicated to ripping your face off with their brand of good o'l American Death Metal with some flourishes of the melodic from Sweden. ETERNAL SILENCE hail from Wisconsin and started out back in the late 90s. They managed to self release a full length demo in 1998 and an EP in 2002 but stopped putting anything else out afterwards. According to their website bio they've had some band member issues but never really stopped playing out and about in the Midwest. As soon as I finished reading about this band my first thought was JUNGLE ROT. They're another great Midwest death metal act who never got their due until now of course with their latest release Kill on Command. (at least in my not so humble opinion) After listening to this I think it's about time ETERNAL SILENCE gets their due.

While the big thing these days is the return to the OSDM aka: Old School Death Metal style (with no complaints from yours truly) ETERNAL SILENCE's sound is a step above the pure raw. This latest release is packed tight with that mid 1990's sound which resembles the genre's progression into a melodic structure albeit still heavy and before it got watered down by Gothenburg Inc. In the recent years you would get some people (re: snot nosed brats) who would look down their brown noses at something like this since it lacks modern standards. Thankfully I'm not one of them, because I'm older of course and can appreciate a band who doesn't follow trends or flavors of the month. ETERNAL SILENCE are the type of band who play straight up death metal for people who obviously like it. Now when I said this was packed tight I wasn't kidding since this full length is six cuts. (yeah that still is short for a full length) In other words there's no filler tracks or wasteful instro openings and outros. That would be annoying especially when the emphasis on here is face ripping but I found cuts like "Centuries of Blood" and "What Have I Become" more into head crushing.




NADIWRATH - Nihilistic Stench CD review

NADIWRATH - Nihilistic Stench CD
Moribund Cult
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Here we have every one's favorite Greek black metal psychopath Wrath from DODSFERD with the debut release of a side band he started a few years ago with guitarist Nadir from STELLAR DARKNESS. Back in 2007 the band released a promising self titled demo but the band was shelved while Wrath continued working on DODSFERD and the coming apocalypse which he was going to initiate. Obviously the apocalypse has now been put on hold as well so Wrath could at least get this one out. NADIWRATH carries with it the the black and roll style of early DODSFERD, circa Fucking Your Creation. Some like to call it blackened punk but either way tradition is thrown out the window in lieu of raw insanity and low fi madness. NADIWRATH would be the only black metal act you would book to play your house party. While this has some true blackened trash everything in sight favorites which kinda run the gambit of a corpse painted hessian drinking party like “Darkness has Lost its Meaning”, “There is No Light”, “Two Face Shit Fuckers” and "Another Pimping Whore". Wrath and company do show signs of intoxication on the meandering blackened ballad “Memories Are Dead” as well as the doomish “Horns”. In the end it's all of what you expect from this Greek misanthrope and that's a good thing.



WORMROT - Dirge CD review

Earache Records
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 2/5

When you open your release with the song “No One Gives A Shit” and end it with an instrumental “The Final Insult” all in eighteen minutes time, irony is not the first word which comes to mind. I'll get to that word later. The latest full length from this Singapore three piece is technically not a full length at all with twenty-five songs in eighteen minutes. Musically this is a noisy blur with recycled metal and hardcore riffs. If WORMROT, who are simply a vocalist, guitarist and drummer, are part of some old school grind revival than they nailed it. Unfortunately being spastic for eighteen minutes without anything standing out other than your speed is boring. Back in the day when bands like BLOWNAPART BASTARDS and CAPITALIST CAUSUALTIES were doing the same thing it was boring as well. Watching a couple of guys on a stage (that's if they were in a club but mostly from personal experience it was in someones basement, living room or out in the back yard) playing as fast as they can with a singer screaming incoherently might have been fun for the crustie punks. But even by 1990's standards it was below what bands like NAPALM DEATH and REPULSION had already done. WORMROT would probably be favored by Maximum Rock n Roll readers (if that zine still exists) or hipster retards who got this as a free download, available from Earache prior to it's official release, and are just now discovering grindcore. Not that there's anything wrong with just discovering grindcore but if you're gonna hype it up on You Tube or certain newbie websites at least pick something not so mediocre. By the way the first word which came to mind after listening to this was mediocre and it only took seven minutes.