Sunday, August 14, 2011

CIANIDE - Gods Of Death CD review

CIANIDE - Gods Of Death CD
Hells Headbangers
Genre: Death/Doom
Rating: 5/5

One of Chicago's mightiest and longest running death/doom pain mongers is back with their sixth full length. Yeah CIANIDE were never known for being prolific as far as putting out releases on a regular basis in their over twenty year existence. But everything they've released be it, full lengths, splits, comps and an assortment of demos, never failed to be less than extremely essential. Years ago they were thought to have broken up but then out came another release of punishing and disgusting death doom which was fit to kill for. CIANIDE are simply filth and are a perfect band to be on Hells Headbangers. So when last we met CIANIDE, besides the various split releases, was back in 2005 with Hell's Rebirth. I'm happy to say that nothing has changed since. Some people (re: losers) rather see bands progress from release to release. I say fuck those assholes and they shouldn't even be listening to a band like CIANIDE, let alone extreme metal, because it would kill them. As long as you put out quality extreme fuckin music which will scare 99% of music listeners world wide then you've done your job.

This is an old school type of bludgeoning which these guys along with another Chicago DM great, MASTER, were know to deliver unmercilessly upon unsuspecting listerners. The fuckin survivors of their onslaught became instant fans, friends (with beer) and followers. A huge chunk of these new bands here in the states playing OSDM (aka: Old School Death Metal) owe their existence to CIANIDE, as well as a host of others. Gods Of Death is misanthropic metal for us barbarians whose eyes bleed blood from waking dreams of murder mayhem while listening the crust infused death crushes of the opener "Desecration Storm" followed by "Forsaken Doom". When a little speed is of the essence there's "Rising of the Beast" and "Idolator". There's eight songs in all which is basically all you need but playing the over eight minute opus of "The One True Death" a few times in a row had me breaking out the firearms for an inspection of cleanliness. Hey you never know where the inspiration of this band's music will take you so it's better to be prepared. But chances are you're clueless to what I mean then again targets don't talk they just get shot. Yes it's true, CIANIDE still kills.



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