Monday, August 15, 2011

Mitochondrion's Archaeaeon Now Available Through Dark Descent Records

Dark, chaotic, frenzied; these are some of the words that are often used to describe Canadians Mitochondrion. Originally issued on a self-released CD and limited to 666 copies, Archaeaeon finally sees an official issue through Dark Descent Records.

Archaeaeon is now presented with a fuller sound thanks to a remaster by Colin Marston and comes complete with an eight-page layout on heavy duty matte stock to further enhance the archaic-like artwork. No longer is there a need to scrounge Ebay for the band's self-release and pay ridiculous secondary prices. Don't miss this version of one of 2008's

best albums in all of its improved glory.

Archaeaeon is now shipping and available for purchase at http//


Chapter 11

Into the Pit of Babel

Agonizing (In the Shadow of the Hammerblow)

Eternal Contempt of Man

Infernal Weapons Summons

Oath In Defiance

Descent ...


Akashic Predation

137 (Death's Hedecaratia)

Organum Exitus

"Archaeaeon is a monolithic brilliancy which during its time was considered extremely difficult to top. Perhaps the fact that it was done later by Mitochondrion themselves is a testament both to the quality of "Archaeaeon" and to the caliber of these brilliant musicians from Canada." -

"I want to furiously fuck a harem of women over a rotting rhino carcass in the flaming remnants of a bombed out Mormon church to the music of Mitochondrion. BRING ON THE CARNAGE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!" - Teufel's Tomb

"Mitochondrion are one of the best death metal bands happening right now. They are possessive of that rare combination of colossal ambition and colossaler talent. Death metal needs more bands like this." - Number of the Blog

"Mitochondria are present in all multicellular life forms and are related to archaic life forms which now have become modern bacteria (and archea). These are both disease bearing and life bringing. The most basic duality: life and death, creation and destruction. Archaic life adapted to these parasites and in turn has achieved higher planes of existence; higher life still depends of the parasites of old. Life depends upon that which was initially destructive/parasitic."

"Mitochondria: the basest motivators for life and the simplest essential forms that drive existence. Once a subject is stripped down to the barest of essential elements (or as the alchemist calls prima materia) it can then be built up again to a more perfect being ..."

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