Saturday, August 20, 2011

NC DEATH METAL One Man's Dedication

Normally I don't promote shows at all especially from my neck of the woods because the Scumfeast Metal 666 readership is scattered all over the place, mostly from Europe, Asia and Australia. Why would some extreme metal fan care about a local show here in my state of North Carolina. It's not likely they're going to jump on a plane just to catch it. So why am I promoting this world wide without really being asked to? Simple answer is dedication by one man, Peter Hasslebrack. For those of you out there who don't know, and there maybe a few, Peter Hasslebrack is the one man Death Metal act BLOODSOAKED.

Ah yeah you have heard of BLOODSOAKED.

Well not long ago I had read a Facebook post on the NC Metal page from Peter wanting to know what's up with there being no Death Metal shows anymore going on locally. Well there are shows but just not a whole helluva lot of em and they'll not attended that well. It's the bad economy people we all know that. But showing how much he cares about the whole Death Metal scene (trust me he really does care a lot since he's responsible for the NC Deathfest every year) Peter set up this Free All Ages Show at a local club on a Saturday night. Now let me put that in a better perspective. A Free Death Metal Show for All Ages at a Local Club on a Saturday FUCKIN Night. If that's not cool enough Peter is also going to give out a free BLOODSOAKED CD to the first hundred people who walk through the damm door. Expect a line prior to the doors opening people with that offer.

Now the only reason I can see for not attending (if you like Extreme Music of course) is that you might be holding out for some free hookers and blow but it ain't gonna happen. Hell I read that some guy who just got his legs amputated is going to be there with his severed legs. Now that's a Death Metal fan people. So on Saturday September 17, 2011 there's going to be some fuckin DEATH METAL cranking out because of one guy's dedication, Peter Hasslebrack. The bands are:

DAIMONIC (Death Metal from Raleigh, NC


HUMAN INFECTION (Death and Grindcore from Virgina)


BLOODSOAKED (Brootal Death Metal from Raleigh, NC)


COFFIN SYRUP (Death and Grind from South Carolina)


MOROSE VITALITY (Extreme NC Death Metal)


I'm sure that all the bands will have plenty of merch on hand that they would love to sell you.

The show is at:
Volume 11 Tavern
658 Maywood Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27603
The Facebook page is:

But if you can't make it out then to all Scumfeast Metal 666 readers (thousands) at least check out these acts via the links provided.

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