Sunday, August 7, 2011

NADIWRATH - Nihilistic Stench CD review

NADIWRATH - Nihilistic Stench CD
Moribund Cult
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Here we have every one's favorite Greek black metal psychopath Wrath from DODSFERD with the debut release of a side band he started a few years ago with guitarist Nadir from STELLAR DARKNESS. Back in 2007 the band released a promising self titled demo but the band was shelved while Wrath continued working on DODSFERD and the coming apocalypse which he was going to initiate. Obviously the apocalypse has now been put on hold as well so Wrath could at least get this one out. NADIWRATH carries with it the the black and roll style of early DODSFERD, circa Fucking Your Creation. Some like to call it blackened punk but either way tradition is thrown out the window in lieu of raw insanity and low fi madness. NADIWRATH would be the only black metal act you would book to play your house party. While this has some true blackened trash everything in sight favorites which kinda run the gambit of a corpse painted hessian drinking party like “Darkness has Lost its Meaning”, “There is No Light”, “Two Face Shit Fuckers” and "Another Pimping Whore". Wrath and company do show signs of intoxication on the meandering blackened ballad “Memories Are Dead” as well as the doomish “Horns”. In the end it's all of what you expect from this Greek misanthrope and that's a good thing.



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