Sunday, October 2, 2011

SALIGIA - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi CD review

SALIGIA - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi CD
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

Here we have a two man Norwegian Black Metal act featuring Ahzari (vocals, guitar) and Malach Adonai (drums). The duo conjure up influences from second wave giants MAYHEM and to some degree DARKTHRONE. It's not a complete copy of those band's former output but the traditionalist theme is evident even with modern production and deviations from the formula. The opener starts off with an industrial drill sound that lasts for over a minute until the BM blasts rumble in. After a quarter of the way through I was wondering where is the threat? Seriously when I listen to Black Metal I want to hear something that's threatening, has a foreboding atmosphere and will scare away the straight laced losers. Unfortunately there's really nothing like that. As the release continues it reminds me of De Mysteriis Light. The songs lack real intensity. I know some people reading this will be like "really there's stuff more intense"? Of course you pathetic posers, plus it's repetitive to the point where you'll slip into unconsciousness just to break the monotony. As far as musicianship goes Malach might not be Hellhammer or Fenriz still overall I find his drum skills on here a low point. Maybe that could be blamed on the production but there are times where he's just beating away to the point where you wouldn't even care. Ahzari vocals definitely are channeling a sleepy Attila as well as Nocturno and his tremolo picked riffs ain't far from the latter. On the up side this is basically BM for beginners which doesn't deviate from the formula. Yes that isn't a bad thing because there are too many hipsters trolling the underground BM scene. SALIGIA's sound, although not harsh enough for me, is certainly capable of chasing away the losers



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