Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ARCHAIOS - The Distant CD review

ARCHAIOS - The Distant CD
Dark Canvas Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

I believe this is my first time reviewing a release from a Dominican Republic band. I'm glad to get it since music knows no borders, getting the bands allowed entry into your country (like in the states) is another matter. But anyway here we have ARCHAIOS who are unashamed melodic death metal to the point where they could give some of those older Swedish bands a run. This is their second full length and after a spin I'd say they have that some Gothenburg sound plus the galloping MAIDEN rhythms and guitar pyrotechnics. Although there are times when they fly off the plate and dive into prog territory like near the end of the title cut and on "Legions". I must admit that I don't get much new melodic death metal in for review (not like years ago) nor do I go out looking for it. It's just a matter taste and having a few favorite bands that you latch on to over the course of time. I'll admit that last ARCH ENEMY release really blew. But these Dominicans seem to have progressed beyond what I'd usually call generic. When I saw that their debut release Out of the Shadows came out back in 2006, things started to fall into place. According to the promo info ARCHAIOS are "the Dominican Republic's premiere extreme metal act." Well that depends on how many extreme acts there are in that nation. But they've been honing their craft now for five years since their debut. No wonder they're tighter than a frog's ass (and that's water tight). I'd bet that if I was playing this outside of the UNEARTH show that's coming to town. Most of the thong of melo-death fans in line would demand a ticket refund and use the cash to buy this. Then start a pit in the street.



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