Monday, October 3, 2011

NACHZEHRER - Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows EP review

NACHZEHRER - Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows EP
Demons Gate Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Well first off I need to thank this band for sending in what I'd say is a no nonsense band bio. All it says is 'black metal/black thrash band from Boston, MA (USA)'. To me that's a good thing since they're not trying to tell me what to write about them. All we got here is what they consider themselves, where they're from and their music. Basically if I find their music interesting to review I'll look the rest up which I did. I don't expect much promo material from new bands as it is. As far as NACHZEHRER goes they're not lying. This is blackened thrash which sounds more like they're from Finland than the states. Their songs, six on here, have that filthy stench about em which is almost a prerequisite for what those Finnish Black Metal stalwarts are known for. It's a threatening wall of noisy hate coming at you which is totally second wave bliss to me. The guitars have that pissed off hornet's nest sound quality. The bass is inaudible, which is standard, the drumming is pure blast beating and the vocalist sounds like he's in the throes of transformation from human to beast. Either that or he's relating his frustration over his hometown baseball team's performance in the final month of the season. Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows goes by quickly at just over twenty seven minutes so there's no room for atmospheric moods to be forged upon the listener. I can imagine the band playing this live in it's entirely and leaving the crowd left bloody and bare. As far as I'm concerned the ferociousness of NACHZEHRER is USBM's latest great blackened hope for the future.



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