Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GHOST – Opus Eponymous CD review

GHOST – Opus Eponymous CD
Rise Above Records

From personal experience I find ghosts to be more of an annoyance that something to look upon with awe and excitement, least of all scary. As far as the band GHOST is concerned, they follow into a similar fate. This Swedish act, which keep their identities cloaked in mystery, sounds like a third rate early BLUE OYSTER CULT covers band opening up for an ARTHUR BROWN reunion gig and that’s being nice. Since there’s not much information on them I had to take whatever their MySpace page had to offer. According to that, GHOST is power pop, black metal and progressive. After listening to this dink I say that’s a load of crap. Their influences are early seventies rock drenched in Hammond organ, simple melodic chords and hallowed hall choir vocals. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ghosts of dead BEACH BOYS were in on the recording of the vocal tracks. Yeah there’s your “pop” influence.

Right now the new flavor of the month for Doom is bands who take their influences from obscure late 60’s/early 70’s Hard Rock/post Psych acts. The DEVIL’S BLOOD is one of those bands who are riding that coattail, JEX THOTH have also been tossed into that lot for reasons unknown to me and now GHOST seems to be the latest. The difference is that JEX THOTH is actually Doom with psych influences and they’re damm good. The DEVIL’S BLOOD are more classic rock than female fronted metal that can hold your attention for a few minutes. GHOST is neither and if they’re going to be the poster band for new Doom by unearthing influences from obscure acts of the past I’ve got news for ya. The reason why certain bands have remained obscure over the years is because they weren’t that good to start with. This debut release by GHOST will probably end up in the same way.



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