Saturday, November 13, 2010

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY – It’s Time to Face the Doomsday CD review

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY – It’s Time to Face the Doomsday CD
Hells Headbangers

What we have here are four Italian crusty punks who not only wear their influences on their sleeves, backs and legs via patches but also musically. Yes they’ve got the uniform down but I doubt their music would be as welcome at those bastions of anarcho punk, ABC No Rio or Gilman St., back in the 90s. This band combines VARUKERS, GBH and MOTORHEAD (lots of MOTORHEAD) into a soup that tastes better than anything you’d sample at a Food not Bombs sidewalk service. But wait, these guys are from Italy so where’s the RAW POWER? Yeah well even without some “fuck authority” hardcore grit this is still a worthwhile release.

The title explains everything since the songs on here show an obsession with the apocalypse (they like using plenty of referential samples) although not in any fucked up “peace punk” fashion. The riffs, most of em, rely heavily on blues based punk n roll which was something the British Oi band, ANGELIC UPSTARTS, used to bust out. “Racing Through the Valley of Death” is probably the closest they come to the Brit-Punk/Hardcore genre. But mostly these guys and one gal rely heavily on the “what would Lemmy do” style of song writing and run it through a punk grinder. CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY would’ve fit nicely in with the old “scum punk” motif’ of my old print zine.



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