Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FUKPIG – Belief is the Death of Intelligence CD review

FUKPIG – Belief is the Death of Intelligence CD
Feto Records

For quite a few years FUKPIG were simply a side project created by members of ANAAL NATHRAKH and MISTRESS which could never get anywhere because of their day job band schedules. It wasn’t until last year that this three piece, featuring Drunk on vocals, Misery on guitar and bass plus Migg on drums and lead guitar, got a full length out. That twisted combination of Black Metal and Grind/Crustcore was Spewings from a Selfish Nation. Let me put it to ya bluntly. I liked it much more than the last ANAAL NATHRAKH and the same goes with this new one. Yeah I know it sounds crazy since ANAAL NATHRAKH is the archetype of BM and Grind but FUKPIG adds the strong DISCHARGE influence which is the key plus the random synth passages. The Brits are pretty much kings when it comes to this style of extreme music. FUKPIG keep with the social & political lyrical themes more than other bands doing this style which separates them from say DISHAMMER. Even the cover art looks like something from Britain’s crusty spikey haired punk past. The biggest difference of course is the production and musicianship which far surpasses the past bands that now influence FUKPIG. DISCHARGE and EXTREME NOISE TERROR never sounded this good.



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