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SUTEKH HEXEN - Larvae CD review


Handmade Birds

Genre: Noise

In a nutshell this is basically two guys on guitar playing black metal structured riffs along with adding plenty of feedback and distortion while the third one messes with pro tools on his laptop. Through all of the noise there's somebody screaming as well. All of that comes in three cuts which lasts around thirty minutes. Now I'm sure some other people in the lamestream media could take the sum of this act's parts and write a six or seven hundred word review about this release. (they better since they're being paid eleven cents a word) As for me well I hear things in reality.

I first learned about SUTEKH HEXEN a few years ago when I listened to their two cut Ritualistic demo. At the time I thought it was utter blackness and still do. Larvae follows suit but I just can't get past that musically it's basically noise manipulation. This came in under the heading of raw black metal. Now that's a tough one. There are aspects to SUTEKH HEXEN's sound which reminds me of certain acts in the blackened realm. The difference being that those bands have actual drums, rhythms, vocals, lyrics and of course song structure plus atmosphere. This release has neither although there's plenty of reverb and distortion looped over again and again.

To me this is actually a plasticine version of real music with the electronics, field samples and tape manipulation taking the place of the musicianship. It's why I have a problem with all of this "experimental" or "computerized" metal. Once you strip away everything human than you're left with something soulless. Black Metal or at least dark sounding music is suppose to bring about a sense of fear and foreboding and it's missing here. Some people will lay blame on SUNN O))) for all of this experimentation within the darkened side of the metal genre. But at least on their last one they had Attila doing some vocals and he's one of the best. That put a human face onto the music which was horrific. With this one the only face you get is the Windows logo. How scary is that? Larvae might be good enough for some background music on Halloween but that's until it gets yanked for it's annoyance.




Sorry nothing new but here's something decent.

HALLOWEEN - Terrortory CD review

HALLOWEEN - Terrortory CD

Self-Released / Pure Steel Records

Genre: Classic Metal

For all of you people out there who consider yourselves 1980's heavy metal aficionados, you're surely lacking if you don't have a copy of Don’t Metal With Evil in your collection. If you did then chances are it's sandwiched between GRIM REAPER and IRON ANGEL. That was this band's debut from 1985 and is a classic as far as American second tier heavy metal goes. I'm obvious not an aficionado since I don't own a copy of that album but I know 3 friends who do have it. They've also seen them live back in the late 80s in some clubs which I've been told were legendary shows. HALLOWEEN was this four piece act out of Detroit, Michigan who dressed like MOTLEY CRUE and had an Alice Cooper influence to their sound which was a big part of their horror inspired musical style. If you're curious than there was a compilation release from 2008 titled 13 Tracks of Horror which should get you up to speed.

When this came in for review I was surprised as hell. First off I didn't even know they still existed. Secondly I didn't know they had more than one full length release. I knew there were cassette tapes floating around but along with their debut HALLOWEEN also put out full lengths in 1991 and 97 plus in 2003 and 06. All I could say about that was "wow", then I heard this and well? There are times when old bands come back to remind us of our past and maybe reinvigorate the present. Then again there are those who come back like ghosts to haunt us in their horrible guise. After listening to this I believe the latter is true here. Even though HALLOWEEN continues on with original vocalist Brian Thomas and bassist George Neal I can't see this as more than just a fans only type of release. Being that only a true fan could get through all of it.

The main problem with Terrortory is it's lack of a foothold. HALLOWEEN seems to be tracking the musical landscape. They try to bring back the 80's feeling in their sound on the rocking cuts but add to much modern touches. There's a couple of ballads on here as well. Their longer numbers drag on far too much. Worse yet is the production on here which has the vocals out in front too much of the music. Thomas is a decent enough singer that he shouldn't literally overshadow everyone else. Since I don't know what their other material sounded like I'm only going on comparing them to their mid-80's output. This sounds like an old band trying to be relevant in the modern world which it can't. Even the top tier acts from the 80s who are still around today can't break their new stuff in which is why they've become oldies but goodies bands.




Here's a classic

And another classic

RITUALS OF THE OAK - Come Taste The Doom CD review

RITUALS OF THE OAK - Come Taste The Doom CD

Eyes Like Snow / Northern Silence

Genre: Doom

I've only become a fan of Australia's RITUALS OF THE OAK since last year after I listened to them on another Eyes Like Snow release. That one was the 3 way split release with them, APOSTLES OF SOLITUDE and THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR. All three bands were good of course but where the other two bands contributed two tracks each, RITUALS OF THE OAK's had just one long track on it. That was the over seventeen minute epic "Hallward". Of course what captured my attention besides the crushing riffs and subtle bass / drum interplay was the band's vocalist Sabine Hamad. It's not that Sabine does anything outstanding or different from most other female vocalists in doom circles. Basically she has a great voice and didn't do anything quirky or ridiculous to turn off the listener, aka: me.

So here we are with a new full length, the band's second one since starting out in Sydney from the ashes of two other acts, LYCANTHIA and TRANSCENDING MORTALITY back in 2008. I haven't heard the band's debut, Hour of Judgement, from 2009 although from what I've read it was not so well received. That shouldn't be the case with Come Taste The Doom. Sure it's a cliche title but a lessor band couldn't pull off calling their release that, RITUALS OF THE OAK can and does throughout with these five cuts. Much like their peers the WOUNDED KINGS from England, the guitar, bass and drumming take up most of the time within their cuts. That leaves little space for vocalist Hamad except to shine for every second she's on tape which she does. I really like her vocals because she's not trying to be a witch or gothic. She comes across with a natural singing voice that adds melody to the crushing doom around her. Great stuff.




Scum Art Video yes there's nudity involved

Here at SFM666 we appreciate art especially when there's music involved and nudity. Case in point, I was looking for a specific BENEDICTION song on YouTube and this "art video" popped up in the suggestions. Well after about five views I figured this was Scumfeast worthy for a number of reasons.

First off the music could be considered Drone. Okay it's not but than experimental music is not metal either.

The mannikins represent hipsters and the model is a normal human being which means hipsters have no sexual organs.

Some indie rock loser who writes for Pitchfork trolls onto my website in order to find out what is really good in metal music. Here's something that will offend his liberal sensibilities.

A nude woman in boots, need I say more.

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Scum Video DISTRAUGHT and the VARUKERS live at the Caboose 1995

Here's some more stuff from the Live at the Caboose Archives which were video taped by my good friend Andy Miller back in the day. The Caboose was a small bar / dive just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. From 1995 to 1999 it was the home of extreme music in this area where I live. Punk and Metal were on the music menu at the Caboose. I use to work there as well as the fuckin bouncer. (I was a good one as opposed to the usual assholes) So I got to see all of these great shows.

Here's an example of Hardcore at the Caboose in North Carolina. Just for the record for a few years Hardcore was dead in this area. One club that had a lot of great bands who came through town closed. Another club stopped booking Punk / Hardcore acts because of the no money being made. Whatever? At the Caboose we never had a problem and the great shows proved that. Here's two examples:



Scum video DARKMOON live at the Caboose 1998

Here's some more stuff from the Live at the Caboose Archives which were video taped by my good friend Andy Miller back in the day. The Caboose was a small bar / dive just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. From 1995 to 1999 it was the home of extreme music in this area where I live. Punk and Metal were on the music menu at the Caboose. I use to work there as well as the fuckin bouncer. (I was a good one as opposed to the usual assholes) So I got to see all of these great shows.

Here's another DARKMOON video this time they're covering SLAYER's "Black Magic".

Scum Video SLUGNUT live at the Caboose 1998

Here's some more stuff from the Live at the Caboose Archives which were video taped by my good friend Andy Miller back in the day. The Caboose was a small bar / dive just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. From 1995 to 1999 it was the home of extreme music in this area where I live. Punk and Metal were on the music menu at the Caboose. I use to work there as well as the fuckin bouncer. (I was a good one as opposed to the usual assholes) So I got to see all of these great shows.

Here's one local band from that era, SLUGNUT.

SLUGNUT were extreme metal before the term was coined. They were thrash, groove, hardcore and death all rolled into one serious onslaught. Obviously from the video you can see they had a decent local following. Whenever they played the crowd would go nuts. Good times!

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SCUM NEWS UNCANNY new music after 18 years

UNCANNY Unveil "The Path of Flesh" From Forthcoming 7"

In October of last year, Swedish death metal veterans UNCANNY entered the studio to record two new songs for a 7" to be released in late January through Dark Descent Records. The first of these songs, "The Path of Flesh." is here below for you to check out. These two tracks are the first new material from Uncanny since 1994's Splenium for Nyktophobia album.

The UNCANNY 2012 line-up consists of:

Jens Törnroos - Vocals
Fredrik Norrman - Guitars
Kennet Englund - Drums
Johan Jansson - Guitars
Mattias Norrman - Bass

Formed in Sweden in 1990, UNCANNY released two demos 1's Transportation to the Uncanny and 1992's Nyktalgia), a split release in 1993 with ANCIENT RITES and one full-length in 1994 titled Splenium For Nyktophobia. Earlier this year, Dark Descent Records released all one and a half hours of this classic-era Swedish death metal together on one double-disc package. Like the limited run 3LP Uncanny box set released by The Crypt in 2010, this 2CD is titled MCMXCI - MCMXCIV and features original artwork from Splenium For Nyktophobia as well as artwork from the demo era.

TEMBLAD - Mockery of the Fanatic EP review

TEMBLAD - Mockery of the Fanatic EP

Self Released

Genre: Extreme

Some people might object to my use of the genre term "extreme" when describing certain metal bands. Frankly I don't care especially when you have real losers out there in the music media calling things "black gaze" or "transcendental metal". Whatafuck is that? At least calling some band extreme really gives you an idea of the intensity level which you're about to be leveled with. San Diego's TEMBLAD plays a mixture of death metal, thrash and grind so if you don't consider that extreme then you're on the wrong website.

Stuff like this comes into SFM666 for review once a month, twice if I give it a good review because next they send in their side project's release. Whenever I listen to stuff like this I wonder why are we throwing money down a rat hole on all of these green energy scams? Someone needs to find a way to harness the power from these bands. Also this is just a two piece act with Lorenzo Kemp playing guitar along with contributing screams, growls, caustic vocals and painful sounding howls. I'm serious this guy sounds worse than somebody trying to pass a rather large kidney stone. The drummer, Marlon Matthew, doesn't get a clean bill of health either. This guy is in charge of one intense beat fest.

This little o'l EP of theirs might only contain four cuts but that's really all you need. Just they way the songs bleed into one another it comes across like one intense fourteen minute cut which will terminate the unknowing with extreme prejudice. Mostly this is death grind with the mid-paced moments being the thrash inserts. Personally I can only stand four songs worth of this not that I don't care for it. It's just after prolonged listening blood starts to shoot out from my eyes and ears. And let me tell ya from experience blood is hard to clean up. TEMBLAD must know all about that since to practice intense music at this level of technical proficiency must leave their hands bloody.

In all seriousness these individuals are not involved in any new metal phenomenon which will tear the earth apart. I've heard plenty before but to be fair they are very good at it. Some people who snub their nose at this area of metal don't take into account the precision and detail of the musicianship involved. It's just too easy to fall into an obvious beat pattern with this style of music. While listening to some of the songs I was waiting to hear Matthew switch from his mechanized drumming in following Kemp's riffs to a funky groove pattern. He didn't do that which to me is cool because I hate funky grooves. This is extreme metal here people not Bootsy fuckin Collins. All the songs on here are incredible but I have to say the title cut blew me the fuck away.




RISING - To Solemn Ash CD review

RISING - To Solemn Ash CD

Exile On Mainstream / E1

Genre: Sludge

There was a time when European bands would take something created yet forgotten about here in the states, revamp it and shove it right back in our faces to enjoy. This is not one of those times. Since sludge metal has reached it's third wave of existence the lion's share of it has become a mediocre soulless bore. That's why indie rock losers and the human tapeworms of pop media like it all of a sudden. I guess we can thank MASTODON for that since "they're a metal band indie rockers can like", according to an indie rock loser scribe in my local area. I'm not knocking MASTODON here it's just that most of the bands created in their wake are about as exciting as eunuch porn. What's worse is that it's being copied by the Europeans.

Case in point here we have this Danish sludge trio who follow the third wave template in all of it's cliche fashion. This band's debut full length, To Solemn Ash, originally came out over in Europe in the Fall of 2011. How it was received I don't know but going from experience I'm guessing it didn't fare well. For two decades we've been sending the Europeans plenty of this sludgey stuff. Their answer has always been "thank you but we already know what heavy music is. We did create Doom you know. You yanks can keep your guttural stuff." Hey there are little enclaves of fandom over there but for the most part what I'm saying is true.

As far as this band's release goes well let's run it through the mediocre menu check list. Heavy chugga chugga riffs, check. Vocalist sounding like he's yelling from the other fuckin side of a warehouse, check. Post Hardcore isms, check. When I first listened to this, by the third cut I wondered how much more contrived can this fucking thing get? After listening to it through the answer is a lot. I can't wait to see if they tour the states and whether or not they play Savannah, Georgia. I think it would be funny.




LANFEAR - This Harmonic Consonance CD review

LANFEAR - This Harmonic Consonance CD

Pure Legend Records

Genre: Power Metal

I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of the European-styled Power Metal. It's not that I haven't been exposed to enough of it because trust me I have and I've got a few CDs. Basically I chalk it up to not liking everything in Metal. Now with that aside I won't let my own personal bias get in the way here because Germany's LANFEAR are clearly a talented band. Their being together since the mid-90s and producing seven full lengths is quite a feat to say the least. This Harmonic Consonance is their first since 2008 also being their first for Pure Legend / Pure Steel Records. I don't know the reasons for the creative drought.

To be specific LANFEAR play progressive power metal with emphasis on the heavy handed riffs over keyboard driven atmosphere run amok. One of my problems I have with certain acts of this genre is when a band starts playing something similar to opera instead of metal. Thankfully that's not the case on here. LANFEAR clearly are on the metal side of the aisle albeit a lighter one. Of course no power metal metal act would be worthy without a decent enough vocalist and this band has a good one in Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes or just Nuno for short, who joined the band in 2006. To say this guy has a strong voice is putting it mildly. Since I never heard the man he replaced, Tobias Althammer, all I can say is Nuno has the voice capable to reach the high notes as well as keep a chorus going.

I'm not gonna go through this song by song. Music like this is generally better to take in as a whole piece of work. There's a few epic pieces which do stand out as kick back to relax numbers. A few all out thrashers (well not that all out), some darker prog elements and of course the ballad like material. This Harmonic Consonance has enough variety that it's more of a listening pleasure for close to fifty minutes than something to break down the walls with. Personally I like the wall smashing stuff but hey you can't argue with something decent.




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Self Released

Genre: Black Metal

What we have here is a split release with two black metal acts and some medieval folk act called AOI tacked on. Frankly I have no idea why the Gregorian boys choir thing was on here and I kinda hate it. Then again if you're from Penn State you might feel otherwise. So let's stick with the actual bands on here.

First off there's IN HUMAN FORM who hail from a place called Lowell, Massachusetts. These guys are a raw blackened thrash four piece whose off kilter time signatures must mean they're progressive as well. This band contributes two cuts to this comp both of which are long and slightly complex numbers. Sadly though I think the poor recording of their tracks does them a disservice. Off the top of my head, and I am including the horns, I just can't think of any true (or is it "troo") blackened progressive thrash acts out there today. I think if this was cleaned up they would be like VOIVOD meets DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

The second act on here is KATAHDIN hailing from Connecticut. Out of the two bands on here it's this three piece which sounds like the more accomplished one as well as having a dynamic sound. Their three cuts on here push into the progressive realm of blackness slightly. Their drummer is a fuckin maniac to say the least. This band's more frenzied attack kinda reminds me of early ABSU. Also when they set up on a stage they better put their drummer up front as well. I think this is a band for fans of over the top BM excitement to keep an eye on as opposed to those fly by night so-called "artists" outta New York.



SCUM VIDEO Le Scimmie "L'Oblio Mistico" premire



PHARAOH - Bury the Light CD review

PHARAOH - Bury the Light CD

Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Power Metal

It's been a while since I've written something about a band's release from this label. I don't wanna get into specifics but lets just say some people just don't like a less than glowing review. Be that as it may that won't be the case here for this latest one from PHARAOH. I'm also going to try to get through this review with out any blatant puns as possible. In all honesty this is the first time I've heard something from this band. They've been around for a while that's if you consider 2003 a long time ago. Supposedly their debut from that year, After the Fire, made a pretty big splash within the traditional heavy metal realm. Their follow-up, The Longest Night, from 2006 sealed their existence in the underground scene. Let's make no mistake here people. Traditional heavy metal or power metal bands might be huge in Germany but everywhere else they're in the underground. I seriously doubt these guys headline at the Troc in their home town of Philly.

Bury the Light is this band's fourth full length so if you're into classic sounding metal / power metal with plenty of MAIDEN and RUSH worship than this will be sitting close to your stereo throughout 2012. Now no offense to this band's rhythm section they do an excellent job on here. But for me the two things I like best about this release come in the forms of guitarist Matt Johnsen and vocalist Tim Aymar.
First off you've got to remember that I use to live in a mid-size burg in Pennsylvania just north of where these guys call home quite a few years ago. Back then I saw almost all of the great bands of metal from the late 70's and early 80's. So let me tell ya that when I say Matt Johnsen's guitar style comes right out of the handbook of metal guitar godhood I'm speaking from experience. The songs on here are chock full of excellent catchy riffs. He also lays down these harmonious solos that yearn for air guitar theatrics.

As for Tim Aymar's singing ability this guy is classic heavy metal vocalist all the way. It's not that he reminds me of anyone from the past in particular. It's just that he's in a caliber of greatness which consists of not only the ability to let loose a heavy metal scream but his overall range is magnificent. It's kinda rare these days to hear a vocalist with this type of operatic vocal dynamic. Sure there are a lot of good vocalists out there in metal today. But most of those guys are shooting for the styles of Halford, Dickenson and King Diamond. I'd put Aymar's singing ability up there with David Byron of URIAH HEEP (as a matter of fact I did see URIAH HEEP once back in the day although they had John Lawton singing for them then). That's pretty much it all in a hand basket there people. Imagine the best of PRIEST, RUSH, MAIDEN and HEEP all rolled into one. If that doesn't excite ya well then fuck ya.




Sorry no video for this.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS - Becoming CD review


Candlelight Records

Genre: Black Metal

I must admit that as far as this band's previous material goes I was not a fan. If memory serves me I think I called em DIMMU wannabes because they were trying so hard to be symphonic black metal yet it all came over sounding superficial. I even saw them play a show locally and thought them having a female keyboardist as eye candy was pretty much a full on joke. Then again from a business standpoint it worked to get all of the Hot Topic kids to pack the place. Obviously you can't deny this band's success since they're still around after half a decade and on the same big name label. Something else of note is that this band has gone through so many members you would think they were a Swedish black metal act instead of being from the US. Ken Sorceron (guitar and vocals) is the sole remaining body from their beginning stage.

So this is the band's third full length and at first I just wanted to pass on reviewing it. I hate shooting fish in a barrel but I just said fuck it and gave the first song, "Ascension Sickness" a chance. I must say I'm glad I did as well as listening to this whole thing a few times over because musically this band has grown far from their beginnings. In all honesty there's still some coattail riding going on. Sorceron has obviously been blasting some AGALLOCH or WITTR releases in the past few years. The influences showcased on Becoming are far to easy to ignore as far as trends in the genre go. Whether it's the post blackness atmosphere, the doom accents or the so familiar yet pathetically termed "cascadian riffs". This is about as original as a hipster retard. Now with all of that said it's still an enjoyable release.

Sorceron as a composer has found a new blackened niche which he can expand from in order to pursue maybe some original (or as close to it as it gets) material. Becoming consists of six cuts altogether with three of them being long drawn out epic pieces. On the above mentioned opener, "Ascension Sickness", the track starts off with some ambient noise which leads to gentle guitar picking and then after little over a minute in the avalanche of riffs and caustic screams commences. Sure the more cynical listener will make note of the blatant AGALLOCH or WITTR pinching but let's be honest. That last WITTR release was garbage which only got critical acclaim by lessor scribes because of name recognition. As far as AGALLOCH goes well that last one was only harped on because those people never heard their earlier, far more interesting material. So for me ABIGAIL WILLIAMS is here filling the void and producing music that those other two acts failed at.

“Radiance” brings things down into the more cold doom mood relying heavily on the shoe-gaze aesthetics. “Elestial” follows a similar structure and yet Sorceron's vocals display a dismal beauty of bleakness that not liking it might push the guy on the suicide watch. Aside from the opening track which I thought was pretty good the best pieces on Becoming are at it's mid-point and the end. “Infinite Fields of Minds” is where this release's grandiose epicness and EMPEROR influence comes to bare on you. Once again the song starts off with some mild strumming for a little over two minutes. After that everything in Sorceron's arsenal and everyone in the band (please note there's no keyboards on here this time) becomes an artillery battery. You are treated to explosive riffs, asylum screams, melodic and tranquil lead work by guitarist Ian Jekelis (the lone hold over from 2009) as well as a volley of drum beating by in studio drummer Zach Gibson (whose former band I won't name here because I hate them).

What more could you want? Well on the release's finale “Beyond the Veil" Sorceron and company actually surpass all of the previous impact in this over seventeen minute opus. The kitchen sink must not been available so included is some moody folk influenced violin to start things off. From there the guitars soar into flight, minds are lifted into the clouds for contemplative-ness and then at the four minute mark the universe explodes leaving behind galactic dust which forms the outline of a Mayan calender maker smiling while masterful orchestration closes in around you. OK that last part was bullshit on my behalf except for the orchestral moments but you should get the idea. Which leaves me to say that this is by far the best thing ABIGAIL WILLIAMS ever released albeit not so original. Hopefully it won't end here.


Label: http:/


PUTRIFIED - Neurotic Necrotic CD review

PUTRIFIED - Neurotic Necrotic CD

Hellthrasher Productions

Genre: Death Metal

PUTRIFIED is a one man death metal act outta Sweden. Mainman A.Death (?) is responsible for everything as in vocals, guitars, bass and drums. After one listen to this I think it's obvious that A.Death doesn't care that death metal has made some strides in production values from it's early demo days. Yes this is as low fi as it gets. OK it could get lower but we won't go there. Musically he also keeps things in the past as well. Neurotic Necrotic is pure OSDM (old school death metal) which lasts less than thirty five minutes and simply doesn't really excite. Actually it's more of an endurance test.

It's been a while since I heard guitars sounding like a leaking gas pipe but they're on here. Also A.Death sounds like he's recording his vocals in said gas chamber. He obviously finished them prior to passing out. In all honesty that's not a bad thing since he comes across sounding a little like Martin van Drunen. Musically he comes close to a low fi version of ASPHYX or BOLT THROWER with some punk / hardcore influence in check. If the goal here was to create some brutally raw material then he's done it with these thirteen tracks. The distortion is thick giving everything a muck encrusted sound quality which is probably the whole goal.

Now with all of that said I think there's more here than meets the eye as well as ear. In this genre there's purists, progressives, phonies and fanatics. I believe A.Death falls into that latter category with a capital "F". This is his second full length with his previous piece of work coming out last year as well as having an EP to boot. Since Hellthrasher Productions is a decent enough label I can just imagine what those previous releases sound like. Neurotic Necrotic has a strange ebb and flow about it which almost comes across like a black metal conceptual release. Some cuts bleed well into others as if there are less songs on here as actually numbered.

Another thing worth mentioning is that A.Death is not solely beholden to his nations OSDM style. In fact this is the second Swedish artist on this label who takes plenty of cues from the US mainly in the groove department. There's another point which falls in with the guitar soloing which is actually fairly decent. A.Death adds some thrash influence here and there which cuts through the distortion fog like a nut swinging a scythe. One can only imagine how much things would be different if A.Death had some friends playing in the rhythm section and an extra guitarist leaving him alone to sing and wreak six string havoc. We'll leave that to the "what if" dreams of grandeur. For now you're left with a creepy sounding death metal release for fans of who like their death metal from the cold dark oblivion.





MALFEITOR / BIRCH MOUNTAIN - Dawn of Silent Decay Split CD

MALFEITOR / BIRCH MOUNTAIN - Dawn of Silent Decay Split CD

Hellthrasher Productions

Genre: Death Metal

It seems the overwhelming death metal onslaught from last year has spilled over into 2012. Case in point, this label sent me a split release late last year with two decent bands that were crippling to say the least. Now they're back to show the last one wasn't a fluke. Here we have two Swedish bands that share members as well as intensity. First up is MALFEITOR, a Swedish trio who haven't forgotten that their nation's early signature death metal sound contained some hardcore influence. Then again they shouldn't forget since two of their members, vocalist Mattias Parkkila and guitarist Benny Moberg originally started the band back in 1990 but ended it in 95 to pursue other projects. In 2010 they got MALFEITOR back in gear adding drummer Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll to the line up.

MALFEITOR's contribution here was culled from their To Hell, Farewell demo which came out in 2011. Musically you get five no nonsense blasts of, dare I say catchy if not infectious, death metal. There's no atmospheric intros, no tech prowess and no bullshit. Obviously these guys have been around long enough to not waste time with faux impressions and just wanna rock the fuck out. They do that well with a rage like attitude as well as crunchy riffs, maniac drumming and ferocious vocals. Speaking of which the vocals almost have a black metal style to them which is cool in my opinion. Songs like "Death The Dead and Me", "To Hell Farewell" and "And the Sky Turned to Rage" latch onto your psyche and stick with you for days on end. Good music will do that.

BIRCH MOUNTAIN is the opposite side of the coin. The band looks like Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll's side project since he's responsible for the musical duties (guitars, bass and drums) with Mattias Parkkila doing the vocals. These five cuts were also taken from a previous release, BIRCH MOUNTAIN's debut full length Silence is Complete from 2010. The musical style is different with it sounding more like death doom. The song structures contain more melody as well as standout guitar soloing as sharp as ice picks to your ears. Parkkila's vocals on here are also different from what he was doing in MALFEITOR. He sounds more guttural like a beast.

This part of the release is where you relax and let the aggressive rhythms overwhelm ya. While most of it is mid-paced and methodical there are some speedy cuts like “Oriental Battle” which gets your head banging as well as raising the horned fist into the air hailing these Swedes. Overall the pairing of these two acts is brilliant as well as enjoyable from a listener's standpoint. The first part (or in vinyl terms "the first side") is aggressive as well as fun whereas the second part is somewhat contemplative for allowing the music to kick your mind around. If you're going to release a split CD than this is the way to do it. You pair up two acts who complement one another instead of copying or competing against each other.



COLDWORKER - The Doomsayer’s Call CD review

COLDWORKER - The Doomsayer’s Call CD

Listenable Records

Genre: Death Metal

In all honesty this is my first time checking out COLDWORKER even though they have been around since 2006 and were formed by former NASUM drummer Anders Jakobson. Normally that would mean a corner of my coolness card being cut off but with a name like COLDWORKER, well I must admit apprehension on my part. What's in a band name, to me a lot. At first I had the feeling I was going to be into something near the "core" side of the aisle. Thankfully after hearing the first couple of songs that fear was put aside.

Like I mentioned above this band has been around since 2006 and The Doomsayer’s Call is their third full length overall. The band hails from Sweden and yet does not follow in the pure old school tradition nor are they melodic. Take that old Swedish death metal sound, subtract the hardcore influence and add some grind. That's what this band sounds like on these thirteen bad luck blasts and it sounds pretty damm good. Don't just take my word for it. Dan Swano has been twisting the knobs (aka: mixing and mastering) for this band since their creation. So look if he's involved you know it's gotta be good.

Although I tagged this as death metal there's still a bucket load of variety to COLDWORKER's overall sound that makes this much more than typical. I'm sure genre purists will not take that so well since the band adds plenty of grinding blasts as well as caustic hardcore aggression. Fornbrant's vocals are thoroughly brutal sounding. The guitar work is decent as far as riff work goes but it's the solo work which to me is reminiscent of Chuck Schuldiner. They have that fluid flow to them. In fact as far as the band's death metal style goes these Swedes lean more to the US style then their own nation's DM heritage.

I kinda feel overwhelmed this early in the year with all of these incredible releases. But the fact of the matter is that COLDWORKER's approach on The Doomsayer’s Call is over the top extreme in the metal dept. It's an all around incredible release full of heavy grooves, blasting excitement and tech savvy musicianship that's not driven by ADD. Crack open a sliver of space in that closed musical mind you have and insert this one.




Monday, January 23, 2012

SCUM NEWS Broken Limbs Recordings info and free music

If you're looking for some new, high quality and purely extreme metal music in the realms of black, doom, and death then here you go. Check out Broken Limbs Recordings and their music sampler here:

You can check out cuts by such bands as VATTNET VISKAR, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, AVULSE, LIVING VOID, and YELLOW EYES. Expect to see some of these bands reviewed here at SFM666.

PILGRIM - Misery Wizard CD review

PILGRIM - Misery Wizard CD

Metal Blade Records

Genre: Doom

I first learned about this Rhode Island doom metal trio last year when I read about their demo on a Internet doom troll's website. That guy predicted that PILGRIM would be the next big thing in US Doom within no time. After I gave their two song demo a listen I had to agree somewhat with the doom troll's assessment. I could easily see this band as the "next big thing in US Doom" as long as the tag means mediocre sounding. Well here we are almost a year later and the doom troll guy was right. PILGRIM's debut full length is out on Metal Blade Records which is nothing to scoff at. Also instead of just two long cuts from their demo we're treated to six with two of them being from the demo re-recorded in longer version form.

Misery Wizard is basically slightly less than an hour's worth of average sounding epic doom. Now if you think calling this "average" is mean than listen up. The simple fact is that I could get any three capable musicians, hand em a few tapes consisting of SABBATH as well as a few epic Euro doom bands, tell them to learn the stuff and come up with something sounding familiar. I could come back after a few weeks and they would. PILGRIM consists of The Wizard (aka: Jon Rossi) on guitar and vocals, Count Elric the Soothsayer (aka: Eric Dittrich) on bass guitar and Krolg Splinterfist Slayer of Men (no real name given which means it's probably laughable) on drums. These guys are barely old enough to get into a bar let alone know more than just being able to copy tabs and the vocals are horrible.

Now with all of that said if this band sticks around for a few years they might come up with a decent sounding release that might show some original intent. Bare in mind it's epic doom so how original can you get. It's 2012 people, being heavy with a handful of Iommi riffs just doesn't cut it at least in my not so humble opinion. I'm sure this release will sound impressive to the indie rock losers and hipster hoovers. Their promo info states that one of their songs is streaming at the hipster site Pitchfork. I could shove that last CANDLEMASS four CD boxset down the throats of those shitheads and they still wouldn't know what impressive doom sounds like. So lets not lower our standards here people just because the losers have crashed the party.




SCUM NEWS HAMMER FIGHT Video For Get Wrecked premire

New Jersey's resident hell-raisers HAMMER FIGHT (a band I gave a helluva review to last year)premier the video for the song "Get Wrecked," off the band's self-titled EP. The video features a typical HAMMER FIGHT house party with additional footage shot at The Irish in Kearny, NJ. Typical? Yeah right. You can check it out yourselves here:

In other HAMMER FIGHT news, the band recently spent time in the studio to record two new songs. The first of which, entitled "A Corpse Is A Corpse (Of Course Of Course)," was recorded for the forthcoming film "The Living Corpse." The second tune, "Ginger Rails," is set to be released as a digital single by the band in the coming weeks. Look for it at an online distro or in a strip club near you soon.

Just an info reminder, Spawned from a New Jersey scene saturated with death metal and hardcore, HAMMER FIGHT brings a sound that many kids these days may have missed; Hard Rockin' Metal. Versatile enough to share the stage with the most extreme death metal acts to classic hard rock bands and everything in between. HAMMER FIGHT is here to kick some ass!

Join the party here:

STEPHAN FORTE - The Shadows Compendium CD review

STEPHAN FORTE - The Shadows Compendium CD

Listenable Records

Genre: Instrumental / Progressive

I'm surprised this wasn't just called Stephan Forte's Rising Force since Forte is France's version of Yngwie Malmsteen and followed a similar guitar virtuosos path as well. Most people know Forte from his being a member of the French progressive metal act ADAGIO. That band has made a huge name for themselves for the past decade although mainly in Europe where this style of music still has a huge fanbase. Now Forte, aka: o'l raccoon eyes, has stepped out with his first solo album. Personally I'm not a fan of this neo-classical metal in fact I've always thought that it's only appealing to other guitarists who get off hearing someone else wank out. This is for fans of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. It also fills the void once you've gotten tired of watching Yngwie's How to Play Guitar like a Virtuosos for Peasants DVD.

I guess the first thing to mention is just as water is wet, Forte can play guitar and he has the endorsement deals to prove it. There was some mention in the promo info that Forte actually opened up a show for Yngwie Malmsteen back in the late 90's. I can just imagine what it was like back stage with those two divas. Yngwie was probably like "now I know how Blackmore felt when I came along." Yeah it's true a guitar god's reign only lasts forever if he dies in mid career, ala: Hendrix. Therefore lets look at The Shadows Compendium as a show off effort. Forte even brings in a few guests like MEGADETH's Glen Drover and Jeff Loomis from NEVERMORE for a duel and beats them down.

What a guy that Forte is. In fact rumor has it after one day's recording session he demanded that a studio tech be strangled to death for bringing him the wrong type of bottled water. Hey you don't wanna ruin the vibe of a true guitar master. Let me tell ya this doesn't fall under what I'd consider "extreme metal". I will say that Forte doesn't spend all his time with in the classical realm on here. There are flourishes of more modern metal flavors which a layman like me will recognize. I'm actually a fan of classical music and I've even got the string less cello in my closet to prove it. Be that as it may this is the type of release that readers of Guitar Player magazine would like. I have to call it what it is, musically this is a fantastic release, period.




SCUM OPINION Al Jourgensen goes Country and so fuckin what

Op/Ed article by Mr. Wolf

You will not find a review for Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free from the new Al Jourgensen side project, BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS, here at Scumfeast Metal 666. The main reason being it's not Extreme Music. It's basically Al Jourgensen paying homage to his love of country music which is fine. There isn't a music genre Al hasn't paid homage to in one way or another throughout his career. I'm just going to give my two cents worth on Al, this new project as well as the upcoming new MINISTRY release.

First off when I read that Al was retiring because of health issues I thought that meant for good. At that time I wasn't going to kick the guy when he was down even though I kinda thought it meant buy more of Al's releases. My present opinion of Al is not as high as others in the music media especially the ones in the indie rock loserdom / hipster retard realm. I give the man credit for his early MINISTRY output which left us one good studio album, two if you include the live one. How could we forget this one

After that I think what all else followed was somewhat of a boring joke which is why indie rockers got into it. Look once you go Lolla for Losers you might as well have said to your fanbase "screw you I'd rather play for college radio losers, frat boys and sorority cunts because that's where the money is at." As far as a career move it worked well. You went from being in the pages of underground rags to full color spreads in Rolling Stone, Spin and a few other magazines geared for commercialized human tapeworms with the musical attention span of pigeons. Sure you also tried to keep your underground credibility intact by making various side projects for the underground fans. Unfortunately they only received regular play at Raves and gay bars.

As far as your continued work under the MINISTRY banner well anyone can still find those half ass regurgitated tempo releases in college town record store used bins. Even the half baked, leftist political ideology themed stuff, which some hippie punk politicos gave you credit for at first, has worn thin. (please note Al's next MINISTRY release is going to jump on the whole Occupy bandwagon) The fact of the matter is that in the end your music only found favor with a few sympathetic journalists as well as the cocksuckers of the indie rock media who were just too stupid to realize you were washed up years ago.

So now we have this new one which in undeniably geared towards the modern day crowd of indie rock losers and hipster retards. They might not know that the so-called "Godfather of Industrial Metal" is using an alter ego which was really first used by a guy in the 90s who played acoustic guitar naked save for his cowboy hat, sunglasses and cockroach killer boots. This new release will most likely be praised by those cocksuckers at Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan. In all honesty I don't have a problem with that since they're hoovers. They're expected to get on their knees and suck as opposed to extreme music fans who don't.

I can close this by simply saying I don't give a flying fuck who you got on this release to give you some credibility, how well you do country or how many present day Kid Rock or Hank III fans you get to buy this. Your early notoriety was passed over to the lowest form of pop culture maggots and you will never ever return to a status over zero as far as I'm concerned. The last time I had written something good about you, as far as a release review, was in 1989. Obviously I'm gonna keep my legacy intact. I won't be the last sucker.

SEASONS OF THE WOLF - Lost in Hell (Double Vinyl) Reissue review

SEASONS OF THE WOLF - Lost in Hell (Double Vinyl) Reissue

Pure Steel Records

Genre: Classic Heavy Metal

Well it's time for the first of many, I'm guessing, reissues to come my way in 2012. Last year it was mostly defunct old school death metal bands having their releases resurrected in order to jump on the whole new OSDM bandwagon. What we have here is a reissue which is far from being trendy. If you're into Gothic tinged metal than this Florida band is probably about as close to you as an old friend. SEASONS OF THE WOLF have never really burst out of their underground status or lair if you will. Their fanbase never cared about that as long as they kept true to their classic sound and as long as singer Wes Waddel didn't lose his voice.

SEASONS OF THE WOLF had their heyday back in the late 90's and early 2000's. They fell silent for a while until 2007 when they released the phenomenal Once in a Blue Moon. There's been talk of a follow-up but that still remains to be seen. What we have here is a reissue of their second full length from 1999. Although opinions vary on which of the band's releases is their absolute best. The previously mentioned release from 2007 as well as 2001's Nocturnal Revelation holding court. It was this album which set them up as part of the underground gothic metal scene. For me Lost In Hell combined Alice Cooper with King Diamond, 70's hard rock with 80's horror metal. It was dark guitar and keyboard driven gothic melodic metal courtesy of Barry "Skully" Waddell and Dennis "Dr. Samuria" Ristow highlighted by Wes Waddel sick high pitched vocals.

This double LP reissue is purely for collector scum as well for pissing off sellers on Ebay. Not only do you get the original album tracks from years ago but this also contains three bonus tracks. It's a gatefold cover which means you tokers can use it to clean your stash. There's my obvious nod to the 70's era of gatefold sleeve usage. Another thing is that this is limited, oh yes excitement city there folks. Everyone who is a collector loves those limited numbered edition releases. That means you have to buy two copies. One to play and one to show off to your envious friends in your smug vinyl collector scum circle. I wouldn't be surprised if some newbies in the doom metal scene cite SEASONS OF THE WOLF as some past great who influenced the present progressive gothic sub scene within the genre ie: GHOST, THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, etc.




IRON REAGAN - Demo 2012 review

IRON REAGAN - Demo 2012

Self Released

Genre: Hardcore

If you thought your collection of MUNICIPAL WASTE side projects was complete well here's another to add to the collection as you wait for their next full length to come out. This time around it's singer Tony Foresta and bassist Phil "Landphil" Hall (he plays guitar on this one) joining up with two former DARKEST HOUR members Paul Burnette on bass and Ryan Parrish on the drums. Musically this four track demo takes it's cues straight from the early 80's hardcore / crossover era. Think D.R.I. as well as a few dozen others who put out demo cassette tapes or 7"ers back in the day.

IRON REAGAN leaves little to grab hold of on here. Four songs in less than five minutes. Although what they lack as far as time on the job they make up for in authenticity. Everything from the band name, cover art work and the rough sound eschews 1983. This is just a suggestion but if these guys made this a 7"er with a label like Tankcrimes putting it out by pressing a thousand it would be sold out in two weeks.


INFERION - The Desolate CD review

INFERION - The Desolate CD

Self Released

Genre: Black Metal

Usually when you read about black metal bands their music as well as their whole appearance comes across as threatening and maybe even war like. Yet the lion's share of the members in those bands live in safe countries with comfortable surroundings. They might write songs about conflict and strife yet in the present tense they've rarely experienced it first hand or served in combat. INFERION’s main man Nick Reyes (aka: Thor) does have some actual experience in these matters. Florida's INFERION have been around since the mid-90s. For their first few years of existence they only released a handful of demos. Then in 2003 the band released it's debut full length Firewar. This was followed up in 2005 with a split release with HEAVEN ABLAZE. Later that same year work started on this their second full length but things had to be put on hold for a time. Along with playing in a black metal act, Reyes was also in the military and his unit was deployed over to Iraq. It wasn't until his return that work continued on this release with the bass work done by Frank Gross formerly of KULT OV AZAZEL.

The first thing you will discover while listening to The Desolate is how non USBM it sounds. The music comes across like something from the Scandinavian second wave of black metal. Reyes, who's responsible for the guitars, vocals and drum work, composes a full length encased with coldness and brutality but also plenty of hypnotic melodies. It's the equivalent of being beaten down from a winter storm and finally succumbing to the death sleep as your body grows numb. Sometimes it all kinda reminds a bit like MARDUK. This is clearly evident on the first batch of songs like opener "Among the Twilight" and "Forgotten Ethereal Visions". Most of the cuts on here like "Moment of Anger" and the absolutely amazing "It Began with Blood" start out as aggressive attacks then fade to atmospheric realms. The one standout which doesn't follow that pattern is the instrumental "Numerous Lacerations" which is midway through the release. The Desolate is a good album that would've been a great one. There's just too much repetition in song structure. Once you get passed the instrumental the second half of this is pretty much the same as the first. Overall it's still a decent USBM release.




Sorry no video available.

Friday, January 20, 2012

ANGUISH - Through The Archdemons Head CD review

ANGUISH - Through The Archdemons Head CD

Dark Descent Records

Genre: Doom

Well this debut release is down right incredible as well as being on time since the original masters of Swedish doom, CANDLEMASS, are about to retire. ANGUISH also hail from Sweden and play epic sounding doom like their peers. I won't go as far as calling them copycats because so many others have followed in the footsteps of CANDLEMASS prior to this band. It's just now looked upon as a clearly defined style which they molded to themselves. Also with all of the other little sub genres of doom being played to the hilt it's a welcome relief to hear something with that classic sound.

On Through The Archdemons Head the band treats us to eight cuts (seven plus a long intro) of massive riffage courtesy of the Kribbe and David duel guitar attack along with lead guitar driven harmonies. The vocals by J. Dee are rough and guttural compared to the more melodic tones which were put forth by the host of singers who stood behind the microphone for CANDLEMASS as well as their followers. Personally I like his vocals since they give off a more menacing feeling, kinda like Tom G. Warrior, which pairs well with the dread filled vibe of the songs. ANGUISH are the biggest surprise for me this month. The songs on here are long and mid-paced as far as speed goes, sorry but no hard rockin head banging numbers but still a great release.




WEREGOAT - Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity EP review

WEREGOAT - Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity EP

Parasitic Records

Genre: Blackened Death

This release originally came out last Nov. but definitely deserves a review here now for a number of reasons. First off I'd like to take this release and shove it down the throat of anyone in the metal media who pushes the notion that in order for black metal to survive it must progress. Then watch their chest explode as the weregoat comes out of the bloody hole like the creature from Alien. From that point on maybe the weregoat goes North to some mushroom farm and massacres a bunch of cascadian hippies. Although I heard on the news that they all got buried in an avalanche which makes me feel sorry for the snow.

Well without turning this review into a new horror movie script or what I'm usually accuse of, an op/ed. The bottom line is that black metal is fine and doesn't need a bunch of ulterior agenda pansy pundits telling it where to go. That's as long as there are bands like this one churning out pure blasphemous filth. WEREGOAT is a three piece act who hail from Portland, Oregon and is made up of members from other area greats like doomsters ALDEBARAN or the death merchants SPLATTERHOUSE. That's only two of many bands the members of WEREGOAT have been involved in. Musically they're not rewriting the genre handbook. Instead they're adding a new burnt and bloodsoaked page to it.

Do you like your blackened death bestial? When the bands BLASPHEMY and BEHERIT are mentioned do you break out with a sinister smile that scares onlookers? Are your favorite colors blood red, black and blacker? Then friends this band is for you. Since this is just another musical project for these guys one can never know if WEREGOAT will continue on a long path of audio death and destruction. Which makes this even more worthy of your ownership. Most of the time I hear similar material being regurgitated from the bowels of some South American city ghetto. A few North American bands have done similar material. On Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity WEREGOAT are the latest force to bludgeon listeners with the raw primal display of ugliness. The atmosphere is like that of a charnel house.

When a band opens up their debut release with a song titled "Nuclear Cunt" you basically know what you're getting into. Riffs that sound like the cracking of leather a hundred times over. Vocals sounding more like monstrous moans from cavern beasts. Drums beated by a psycho with a hammer. Yes what's not to love about all of that. As the release continues WEREGOAT alters tempos up a notch on “The Hideous Stench of Occult Slaughter” just enough to give you the feeling of death creeping up on you. "Abysmal Whore" is what happens when you're caught. Other cuts like “Invoking the Black Oblivion” are slow and diabolical as if drowning the listener by holding your head in black ooze. In the end everything on here is exceptional in a horrifying way which will not sit well with non extreme types. Grab this fucker by the horns and run.




SCUM NEWS Decibel Magazine Tour Line Up Announced

Well here's the first great Extreme Metal tour for 2012. BEHEMOTH, WATAIN, THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and IN SOLITUDE take part in Decibel magazine's inaugural tour starting in April.

Blackened clouds are gathering overhead, and it's all Decibel's fault. The magazine is launching the maiden edition of its annual earth-scorching tour this April. The inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour will feature not just the long-awaited stateside return of Polish blackened death metal overlords BEHEMOTH, but support from Swedish black metal provocateurs WATAIN, Dutch doom mystics THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and Swedish old-school occultists IN SOLITUDE.

Beginning in April and laying waste through a gargantuan 26-date run, the Decibel Magazine Tour (presented by Metal Blade Records,, FYE, ESP Guitars and Good Fight Entertainment) not only offers four diverse European artists hand-picked by the magazine, but doubles as Behemoth's first U.S. tour since vocalist/guitarist Adam "Nergal" Darski's well-documented battle with — and triumph over — leukemia.

Gruesome visual evidence of this tour package is forthcoming: We went all the way to Sweden to capture the frontmen and women of all four bands for our special Decibel Magazine Tour cover story, streeting in April. "Considering the fact that we'll be sharing the stage with the most evil and uncompromising bands around — Watain, The Devil's Blood and In Solitude — this already makes it a legendary bill that you can't miss out on!" promises Nergal. "Watch out. We won't show up—we will ARRIVE with all the strength and might!"

"Part of Decibel's mission is to push the boundaries of what a metal publication is capable of doing," adds Decibel editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, the tour's principal curator. "By bringing bands like Watain, The Devil's Blood and In Solitude to larger stages in the U.S., we create an additional vehicle to help raise their profiles. It's another way to infect the mainstream with the power of the underground."

It only makes sense that Decibel would present a tour package with a sense of integrity, purpose and history. "It is a joint force of artistic adversity and sinister creativity," assures Watain frontman Erik Danielsson, "which makes me think of the glorious days when bands like Venom, Metallica, Exodus and Slayer toured together like a great middle finger raised towards their sheep-minded contemporaries."

Excited yet? Well, here's an early opportunity to score a great deal AND avoid standing in line. Fifteen premium packages are available in each market that include your ticket to the show, a tour T-shirt, a tour poster and a super-exclusive "Skip The Line" pass to move you to the front when doors open. The price of this package is less than you would spend on a ticket and a tour shirt at the show! More details, including tour dates, venues and ticket info will be announced at on January 24th. Every ticket purchased through Top Spin will come with a commemorative laminate, and all fans that purchase their ticket through Top Spin will be entered to win an ESP Guitar.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Take a look take a lookers.
America's reigning kings of brutality (yeah that's what the promo news says) CANNIBAL CORPSE, will unleash their twelfth studio offering this March via Metal Blade Records. Aptly titled Torture, the follow-up to 2009's Evisceration Plague offers up 12 tracks of maniacally precise, soul-searing death metal. Torture was again produced by Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan at his own Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, and features the maniacal cover art by longtime CANNIBAL CORPSE artist, Vincent Locke, viewable here at:

While Torture marks the latest progression in the band's sound, it also witnesses a return to what drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz accurately terms "the frenzied attack of Butchered At Birth (1991) or Tomb Of The Mutilated (1992)," infusing the band's advanced musicianship with the raw savagery that haunted their earlier releases, and in the process conceiving the definitive CANNIBAL CORPSE record. Adds bassist Alex Webster on the outcome of the record: "We're extremely happy with how Torture turned out. Erik Rutan did an amazing job with the production, and the songwriting and performances may be our strongest yet. We can't wait until our fans get to hear the whole thing!"

Check out the gutting sounds of "Demented Aggression,"

Torture Track Listing:

01. Demented Aggression
02. Sarcophagic Frenzy
03. Scourge of Iron
04. Encased in Concrete
05. As Deep As the Knife Will Go
06. Intestinal Crank
07. Followed Home Then Killed
08. The Strangulation Chair
09. Caged...Contorted
10. Crucifier Avenged
11. Rabid
12. Torn Through

As a precursor to the release, CANNIBAL CORPSE will perform a special one-off show at the Culture Room in West Palm Beach, Florida on January 22nd then head to the seas to take part in this year's edition of the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise. The band will get a short break before a near month-long march through Europe on the Full Of Hate 2012 tour with labelmates Behemoth.

Torture will be released in North America on March 13, 2012.


Alex Webster - Bass

Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums

Rob Barrett - Guitar

Patrick O'Brien - Guitar

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Vocals

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Swiss ELIZABETH (hardcore/crust in the vein of Rise And Fall, Converge, The Hope Conspiracy,with ex-NOSTROMO vocalist) has entered the studio to record their debut EP "When Vultures Land". A 12" vinyl release is planned for march via Throatruiner Records and I For Us, and their first home-recorded EP is still available for free download here :

Get in the van” as a leitmotiv; ELIZABETH is one of those bands that have understood that the strongest reputations could be only built on the road. Thus, this last year, their home-recorded demo has been enough to let them travel through the whole Europe and shared nearly forty stages with the upper crust of european hardcore/punk. With“Where Vultures Land”, their debut EP, these swiss carve their way into the heaviest and most intense branch of their scene, alongside of bands such as Converge, Rise And Fall or The Hope Conspiracy. Twenty minutes played with a constant energy, which is demultiplied by the unmerciful rusted vocals of Javier (with an heavy burden in the matter as an ex-Nostromo). More than enough to one of the most promising bands of the european scene, now you’re warned.

• Recorded, mixed and mastered by Serge Spiga
• Artwork by Thierry Tonnes ~
• EP 12” out in march and limited to 500 copies
• Co-release Throatruiner Records & I For Us



"Now that's a fuckin line-up!"

South Australian extreme thrashers TRUTH CORRODED will kick off the New Year with the band’s first ever tour of Europe. The band will be main support on ‘THE SOUNDS OF EXTREME TOUR 2012’ featuring KRISIUN (Century Media) MALEVOLENT CREATION (Nuclear Blast) and VITAL REMAINS touring across Europe and the U.K from January 27 to February 18. Tour dates as follows:

1.27.2012 - Bielsko-Biała, Poland @ Rudeboy
1.28.2012 - Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum
1.29.2012 - Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic @ Klub Mir
1.30.2012 - Jena, Germany @ Rosenkeller
2.03.2012 - Le Locle, Czech Republic @ Scarkrows
2.04.2012 - Dietikon, Czech Republic @ Sounddock14
2.05.2012 - Trier, Germany @ Exhaus
2.07.2012 - Munich, Germany @ Backstage
2.08.2012 - Darmstadt, Germany @ Steinbrucht Theater
2.09.2012 - Alkmaar, Holland @ Victorie
2.10.2012 - Groningen, Holland @ Vera
2.11.2012 - Rotterdam, Holland @ Baroeg
2.12.2012 - Vosselaar, Belguim @ Biebob
2.13.2012 - Manchester, UK @ Moho
2.14.2012 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Pint
2.15.2012 - London, UK @ Underworld
2.16.2012 - Paris, France @ Glazart
2.17.2012 - Bad Oeynhausen, Germany @ Druckerei
2.18.2012 - Essen, Germany @ Turock

The tour will follow on from the TRUTH CORRODED tour of Australia, Japan and South East Asia in early 2011.

TRUTH CORRODED will be promoting the bands latest album ‘WORSHIP THE BLED’ which was released through ‘ULTIMHATE RECORDS’ in Europe and Japan in September.

Worship The Bled features Kevin Talley (DAATH, SIX FEET UNDER, MISERY INDEX, CHIMAIRA) on drums and was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY)
The album is available through ULTIMHATE RECORDS in Europe and Japan and through TRUTH INC RECORDS in Australia.

WYKKED WYTCH - The Ultimate Deception CD review

WYKKED WYTCH - The Ultimate Deception CD

Goomba Music

Genre: A Whole Lotta Metal Going On

In all honesty when I saw this come in for review my first thought was "this band is still around?" Frankly I never had anything against them although my knowledge of their music is relatively average. I've heard two of their past releases and as far as I was concerned they reminded me of a female fronted CRADLE OF FILTH. You can make up your own mind if that's a compliment or not. As far as this new one from these Floridians goes nothing has really changed but that's not a bad thing. For starters the most obvious standout here is Ipek and her incredible vocals. Look she's from Florida so you come to expect her voice to have a little harsh viper or reptilian sound in the blackened style. She also tosses in a few cleaner epic sounding performances. I give the woman credit for keeping things going for so long (the mid-90s).

Now let's be honest here. The Ultimate Deception is pretty much Ipek's solo album with a few guest musicians rocking out with a good mix of the extreme stuff aka: blackened death and thrash. Ipek brought in big name drummer Kevin Talley who's pounded for a bunch of bands I can't stand but still they're big name bands. Also the guitarist, Nate Poulson, is brand new but helped to create this piece of work with Ipek in the song development department which for what it's worth is a good release. As far as standout tracks go probably the best cut on here is their cover of METALLICA's "Fade to Black" with it's two distinct genre structures (black metal blastbeats and classic metal, not very thrashy at all) melded together with Ipek giving something of a power metal vocal performance. "Prayers of the Decapitated" is the prerequisite "witch themed" cut on here and has a decent horns up bang your fuckin head groove going throughout. Also the title cut reeks of extreme tendencies as well as some flash of guitar tech sparks by Poulson.

The Ultimate Deception has a decent overall groove throughout that varies from cut to cut. There's nothing overtly over the top but plenty of melodic passages thrusted hard with blackened fisted blasts. I doubt the goths would go for this but then who knows these days? Are there any goths anymore? And speaking of Hot Topic bands, I thought the cover art looked a lot like a DIMMU BORGIR release. No wonder since it was done by Marcelo Vasco. As far as everything else well this is definitely better than what I've heard before from Ipek and company.




Friday, January 13, 2012

RIZON - Masquerade CD review

RIZON - Masquerade CD

Pure Steel Records / Karthago Records

Genre: Power Metal

The Swiss seven piece band RIZON have been honing their brand of metal since their original formation in Zurich back in 1997. They've put out two previous releases, Evolution in 2005 and Sudden Life in 2008. Now here we have their third full length Masquerade which came to me with the promise (promo expectations) of being a "catchy melodic-Metal-mix without being one-dimensional." Calling them Power Metal might be disingenuous on my part. Sound wise RIZON are more melodic hard rock with duel vocalists (male and female).

I'm guessing that this band does well within the European power metal festival circuit but for me it's far too mainstream rock sounding. Instead of hard edged metallic charged rock the band relies on plenty of melancholy and harmony with swirling atmospheric elements provided by the keyboards. The band skirts the symphonic curtain making this more of an operatic rock act. I'm thinking a Swiss version of MEATLOAF with a touch of gothic sense.

I can't complain about the vocals since both Matthias Götz and Seraina Telli are extremely talented in their departments. At the least they're not following the cliche beauty and the beast female / male vocal-duo style favored by other acts. Musically the musicianship leans more to the pop side of the rock isle and that's something which makes me grimace in disgust. I'm left kicking back in my chair wondering where's the metal? This band prides itself on not being one dimensional. Fine so let that ride you to a staring gig on a Swiss musical variety TV show.




BRAZEN BULL - The Travelling Parasite CD review

BRAZEN BULL - The Travelling Parasite CD

Cretaceous Records

Genre: Tech Death / Grind

I got through twenty seconds of this release's opening cut "Ingesting Houdini's Belt" when I had to stop it abruptly. Well what do you know? BRAZEN BULL are another one of THOSE BANDS. For those of you who might not remember, last year I was inundated by acts whose sole musical purpose in life was to create audio sounds which were equal to being weapons of mass brain cell destruction. It's because of bands like BRAZEN BULL that I've lost at least a month and a half of memories from 2011. But this year I'm prepared. So before I continued listening to this band's debut full length I downed enough tranquillizers which could put down a 2 ton bull elephant and proceeded on. (note to self: Buy More Tranquilizers)

BRAZEN BULL are every bit of the genre description given above as well as having your head run over by a convoy of tractor trailers, a very long convoy of tractor trailers. This four piece act of audio killers hail from Australia and this is their second release overall. The band also has a self titled EP from 2008. Getting back towards this release aside from the somewhat humorous song titles, "An Incident with a Ball Point Pen" or "Alexis went on a Cruise around the World and Married a Sultan" to name just two outta the eight on here. The main musical goal which I can hear is brutality through noise. While guitarist Craig Taylor, bassist Adam Taylor and drummer Simon Goudkamp beat you down mercilessly the vocalist Weldon MacDonald mockingly screams and growls into your face.

BRAZEN BULL are the type of band were the local constabulary places crime scene tape around the venue before they start playing. Seriously Craig Taylor's guitar playing style could be considered like Fripp-tones murder style. Is he using a handsaw as a bow to create some of those guitar sounds or maybe he was born with claws? Whatever the case he's just firing off these sharp shocking notes that would kill the young and old among us. Musically the band plays in that stop/start style delivery which is kinda tough to stay concentrated on. Be that as it may what I might find as abusive others will find enthralling. Out of the eight cuts on here BRAZEN BULL only dare to go further than three minutes on two. Thanks for being considerate. If you're a fan of the genre or waiting for your prescribed lobotomy then I highly recommend this one.




LOINCLOTH - Iron Balls Of Steel CD review

LOINCLOTH - Iron Balls Of Steel CD

Southern Lord

Genre: Progressive Metal

Before I even get into this I must remark about the irony that while listening to LOINCLOTH's debut full length I was also starring at a CONFESSOR show flyer when they played a now defunct club called Snookers here in Raleigh, NC many years ago. For those of you who don't know it LOINCLOTH contains CONFESSOR's former rhythm section of bassist Cary Rowells and drummer Steve Shelton. I'll kick aside any revisionist history and just give you my personal perspective on this subject (which is probably closer to the truth anyway) and say that if there was one local Raleigh act who should have followed in the steps of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's path to historic greatness it was CONFESSOR.

Nowadays CONFESSOR gets labeled "technical doom" but back in the day we just called em thrash albeit very technical with eclectic time signatures. They're debut, 1991's Condemned, was rightly acclaimed by critics. If they didn't break-up / have internal band problems they would have been much bigger than history allowed them to be. But since it didn't work out that way then it turned out that a host of other acts the world over stole everything musically from CONFESSOR and called it their own. I had thought that after their reunion in 2011 that something new was in the works for this year. Maybe there is and maybe I'm wrong. Either way here we have one offshoot band from CONFESSOR (anyone remember DRENCH as well?).

LOINCLOTH who along with the previous mentioned CONFESSOR members also contains guitarists Tannon Penland and Pen Rollings who was also in a band I saw a few times back in the day (probably at the Fallout Shelter) called BREADWINNER. Although according to the press release he's not in LOINCLOTH anymore. Well that's gonna put a damper on the live sets. LOINCLOTH originally popped onto the local scene back in the early 2000s also releasing an EP in 2003 but until now have been silent. There are two more things which I also need to get out of the way. The first being I'm not keen on a band named after Tarzan's draws and secondly math rock bores me. Otherwise if you are a musician who's into technical metal or a fan with ADD then this is for you.

LOINCLOTH are instrumental metal, aka: no vocals, which means you can blast this while playing on your Xbox or at your clerk job at the record store. Unlike many other instro / math rock acts I've heard in the past (actually too fuckin many) LOINCLOTH don't waste time meandering along. Most of the cuts on here are less than three minutes in length. In fact the whole album flies right by under forty minutes in length. Although some will concentrate on the riffs being pounded out I couldn't help but respect the jazz drumming skill of Steve Shelton who is LOINCLOTH's secret weapon on Iron Balls Of Steel. The precision of this man's abilities are the driving force behind most of the cuts on here. Math rock is a complex beast which is why I say LOINCLOTH is truly a technical musician's type of band. Judging this band's fifteen cuts any other way would be a disservice to the band and bias on my part. If you're into it then this release is probably one of the better ones you'll hear in 2012.