Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scum Art Video yes there's nudity involved

Here at SFM666 we appreciate art especially when there's music involved and nudity. Case in point, I was looking for a specific BENEDICTION song on YouTube and this "art video" popped up in the suggestions. Well after about five views I figured this was Scumfeast worthy for a number of reasons.

First off the music could be considered Drone. Okay it's not but than experimental music is not metal either.

The mannikins represent hipsters and the model is a normal human being which means hipsters have no sexual organs.

Some indie rock loser who writes for Pitchfork trolls onto my website in order to find out what is really good in metal music. Here's something that will offend his liberal sensibilities.

A nude woman in boots, need I say more.

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