Friday, January 13, 2012

BRAZEN BULL - The Travelling Parasite CD review

BRAZEN BULL - The Travelling Parasite CD

Cretaceous Records

Genre: Tech Death / Grind

I got through twenty seconds of this release's opening cut "Ingesting Houdini's Belt" when I had to stop it abruptly. Well what do you know? BRAZEN BULL are another one of THOSE BANDS. For those of you who might not remember, last year I was inundated by acts whose sole musical purpose in life was to create audio sounds which were equal to being weapons of mass brain cell destruction. It's because of bands like BRAZEN BULL that I've lost at least a month and a half of memories from 2011. But this year I'm prepared. So before I continued listening to this band's debut full length I downed enough tranquillizers which could put down a 2 ton bull elephant and proceeded on. (note to self: Buy More Tranquilizers)

BRAZEN BULL are every bit of the genre description given above as well as having your head run over by a convoy of tractor trailers, a very long convoy of tractor trailers. This four piece act of audio killers hail from Australia and this is their second release overall. The band also has a self titled EP from 2008. Getting back towards this release aside from the somewhat humorous song titles, "An Incident with a Ball Point Pen" or "Alexis went on a Cruise around the World and Married a Sultan" to name just two outta the eight on here. The main musical goal which I can hear is brutality through noise. While guitarist Craig Taylor, bassist Adam Taylor and drummer Simon Goudkamp beat you down mercilessly the vocalist Weldon MacDonald mockingly screams and growls into your face.

BRAZEN BULL are the type of band were the local constabulary places crime scene tape around the venue before they start playing. Seriously Craig Taylor's guitar playing style could be considered like Fripp-tones murder style. Is he using a handsaw as a bow to create some of those guitar sounds or maybe he was born with claws? Whatever the case he's just firing off these sharp shocking notes that would kill the young and old among us. Musically the band plays in that stop/start style delivery which is kinda tough to stay concentrated on. Be that as it may what I might find as abusive others will find enthralling. Out of the eight cuts on here BRAZEN BULL only dare to go further than three minutes on two. Thanks for being considerate. If you're a fan of the genre or waiting for your prescribed lobotomy then I highly recommend this one.




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