Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PUTRIFIED - Neurotic Necrotic CD review

PUTRIFIED - Neurotic Necrotic CD

Hellthrasher Productions

Genre: Death Metal

PUTRIFIED is a one man death metal act outta Sweden. Mainman A.Death (?) is responsible for everything as in vocals, guitars, bass and drums. After one listen to this I think it's obvious that A.Death doesn't care that death metal has made some strides in production values from it's early demo days. Yes this is as low fi as it gets. OK it could get lower but we won't go there. Musically he also keeps things in the past as well. Neurotic Necrotic is pure OSDM (old school death metal) which lasts less than thirty five minutes and simply doesn't really excite. Actually it's more of an endurance test.

It's been a while since I heard guitars sounding like a leaking gas pipe but they're on here. Also A.Death sounds like he's recording his vocals in said gas chamber. He obviously finished them prior to passing out. In all honesty that's not a bad thing since he comes across sounding a little like Martin van Drunen. Musically he comes close to a low fi version of ASPHYX or BOLT THROWER with some punk / hardcore influence in check. If the goal here was to create some brutally raw material then he's done it with these thirteen tracks. The distortion is thick giving everything a muck encrusted sound quality which is probably the whole goal.

Now with all of that said I think there's more here than meets the eye as well as ear. In this genre there's purists, progressives, phonies and fanatics. I believe A.Death falls into that latter category with a capital "F". This is his second full length with his previous piece of work coming out last year as well as having an EP to boot. Since Hellthrasher Productions is a decent enough label I can just imagine what those previous releases sound like. Neurotic Necrotic has a strange ebb and flow about it which almost comes across like a black metal conceptual release. Some cuts bleed well into others as if there are less songs on here as actually numbered.

Another thing worth mentioning is that A.Death is not solely beholden to his nations OSDM style. In fact this is the second Swedish artist on this label who takes plenty of cues from the US mainly in the groove department. There's another point which falls in with the guitar soloing which is actually fairly decent. A.Death adds some thrash influence here and there which cuts through the distortion fog like a nut swinging a scythe. One can only imagine how much things would be different if A.Death had some friends playing in the rhythm section and an extra guitarist leaving him alone to sing and wreak six string havoc. We'll leave that to the "what if" dreams of grandeur. For now you're left with a creepy sounding death metal release for fans of who like their death metal from the cold dark oblivion.





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