Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JEX THOTH – Witness CDEP review

I Hate Records

While JEX THOTH straddles the fence between Psych Doom (proto-doom if you will) appreciation and hipster music we have this fifteen minute offering which leaves anyone who actually liked their stuff (myself included) wondering what happened and what’s next. The three songs on here are not representative of what made their previous material interesting. The first cut, “Raven nor the Spirit”, opens with a pretty decent gothic keyboard run but halts suddenly to give Jessica Thoth (aka: Jex) a chance to express her best Nancy Sinatra siren impersonation. This bleeds into “Slow Rewind” which comes closest in recapturing the pure Doom aesthetic which was part of the band’s charm. The keyboards add a foreboding sound quality with lead guitar spikes piecing through. Jessica’s vocals are full on melancholy which sounds decent. The cut starts off slow but ends with a fine gallop and some decent guitar soloing. The final cut, “Mr. Rainbow” which is a cover by some old English band SLAPP HAPPY. Anyone familiar with the Garage Punk band, THE DETROIT COBRAS, will understand the term ‘culling from obscurity”. Yeah in certain circumstances it works but on here it sounds uninspiring if not all out boring. Two things I noticed about Witness is that the new band members Jessica has surrounded herself with are lacking. Secondly her vocals are only in one mode “melancholy” where as on the previous releases her singing was more versatile. All in all this CDEP is a disappointment which means hipsters will love it.



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