Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DISHAMMER – Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark mini CD review

DISHAMMER – Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark mini CD
Parasitic/Armageddon Records

Spain’s DISHAMMER is what you would call a one trick pony. Their melding of DISCHARGE and HELLHAMMER is simply primitive compared to what else is going on in extreme music. Fortunately for anyone out there whose coolness hasn’t frozen their brains, all of that is a good thing. I’ve been promoting the greatness of this band to everyone I know who hasn’t turned into a jaded piece of human garbage. Their 2008 full length Vintage Addiction was a wakeup call to everyone whose head was up in the clouds or their ass. Every once in a while you need some pure unadulterated aggression just to shake the cobwebs loose. Fortunately I don’t have that problem. What DISHAMMER does is bludgeoning. They take the old axiom of keeping things simple. Their songs are fast blasts which don’t give you time to be philosophical and ponder the meaning of it all. Yes kids this is the type of music your parents use to listen to before they got old, boring and started enjoying alternative country. Metal and Punk destroyed hippie music. DISHAMMER destroys Indie Rock Hipster Metal. On this their latest force to be reckoned with the band simply shaves off what they had on their full length and stick you with a CDEP. There are only two cuts that stray over the three minute mark and the rest are slam pit thrashers. Once you get through opener “The Devil’s Advocates” and the second cut “Outlaw Psychopath” you’ll be hooked and if not then you’re shovel ready.




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