Sunday, November 21, 2010

HELJAREYGA – Self Titled CD review


My friend Chris gave this to me when he came over to my Leif Erikson Day party back in October. Viking Metal was on the agenda that night. This is basically the side project of Heri Joensen of TYR who has gathered around him a few fellow musicians from the Faroe Islands, including two members of SYNARCHY, John Venned on guitar and Isak Peterson on bass. The other guitarist and the drummer are unknowns to me. This full length is just five songs with all the cuts sung in their native language which I always find to be cool. Because Joensen is the mainman behind this project I can’t get away from thinking this is what TYR would sound like if they were more progressive sounding. This release is all out “epic” as far as the production goes. You’re not gonna get to hold the heathen hammer high but you can sit back and relax as the tales of Faroe Island mythos are sung to you.



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