Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLOODY TYRANT - Dawn of Doomsday CD review

BLOODY TYRANT - Dawn of Doomsday CD
Himalaya Records
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Rating: 1/5

This was billed to me as the next big black metal thing to come out of Taiwan. I'm glad the guy didn't forget to type the word "metal" because I shudder to think what "the next big black thing to come out of Taiwan" would be. For those of you who might have forgotten, the last next big black metal thing to come out of Taiwan was CHTHONIC who were like a far east version of CRADLE OF FILTH. This band here, BLOODY TYRANT, are different in that they are into the melodic black and are organic about their sound. The latter part kinda hurts them. Their drummer is in full blast beat mode on a large part of this release. Actually the guy owns this release with the blast beats, good fill action and sound wise he's right up front in the mix. There's the problem since you have him in front of everything else. Their vocalist sings in that satanic frog style or blown speaker mode most of the time but will slip in a guttural vocal line every once in a while. As far as the bass, what bass? Their guitarist is hardest to pin down since he's all over the place. The tremolo picking is simplistic plus he adds some death like riffs although still simple. Hey BM simplicity is fine with me if it's performed well but it's not very well on here. In the end I couldn't find anything worth while to write you about.



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