Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ENDSTILLE - Infektion 1813 CD review

ENDSTILLE - Infektion 1813 CD
Season of Mist
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Say you love Satan, say you love Hell, say you love German Black Metal. Seriously say it damm you! Yeah I hear you and so does this German black metal institution. Although a few changes have happened since we last tuned in with ENDSTILLE back in 2009 when they released Verfuhrer. First off original vocalist, Iblis, is out and replaced with Zingultus. If you know something about German black metal, and frankly who doesn't, then you would know Zingultus fronts GRAUPEL. Also the band has a new label in Season of Mist. Otherwise everything is as it was before and to a point showing more progression from their basic raw black metal canon. Although not in the same way which 1349 did a year or two ago and yes I thought that was pretty bad. On Infektion 1813 the driving rhythms and blast beats are in ample supply and Zingultus vocals are more blood curdling than his predecessor's. Their sound is thicker and fuller than before but with their trade mark slash and burn style under a slight restraint. There's more thrashy melody injected into the cuts than previously plus a more impacted atmosphere which sweeps through with each alternating tremolo riff.

A song like "Wrecked" is a perfect example of this enormous blackened power being channeled through the duct work of your mind like a poisonous gas. In the past their material was simply unable to be contained. “The Deepest Place on Earth” is another example of how this band has grown from their rawness. Of course for those of you who want the flesh from your face seared off there's always "Trenchcoat", "Satanachie" and the amazing opener "Anomie". ENDSTILLE seem to have learned a few cues from their Swedish peers MARDUK. You can beat a blackened horse to death but afterwards you still have to do something with the body and you can't just fuck it because that's being done already. Better to burn the beast to create some semblance of atmosphere and foreboding. It's the difference between sick and sinister. Straight laced fuckers will not get it but if you're truly into black metal then you will understand.




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