Monday, June 6, 2011

LAKE OF BLOOD - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone CD review

LAKE OF BLOOD - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone CD
Human Jigsaw
Genre: Black Metal (?)
Rating: 2/5

According to LAKE OF BLOOD guitarist Eric Netto his band is not only socially conscious but their lyrics and music reflect their overall distrust and disgust for the modern world. Well that's not a stretch of the imagination since they're from California. Musically this is 32-minutes worth of third rate early WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM copying with snippits of AGALLOCH, waves crashing on a beach instead of babbling brook sounds, and some doom misery. All of this is accounted for with just two long songs. The first, "Proxigean Arcanum" suffers from horrible percussion, dude lay off the snare and try some toms. It also sounds like the guitarist laid down the basic rhythm track, added the drums then vocals and afterwards invited some untalented crustys to include some background racket. Whoops sorry I fell asleep although my snooring must have made an improvement.

The second opus, "Destroyer of Vices", is somewhat better as far as structure. It suffers from the same problems as the first track but it's more aggressive in style so you overlook those problems. On here they add a few new ones like weird SONIC YOUTH style guitar tunings (were's the pliers?) and uncomfortable contrasts in riff changes. In the end it's about as coherent as listening to a record skipping. That's the biggest problem when bands wanna go over the edge of the blackened template. LAKE OF BLOOD sounds like a band who have no idea of what they're doing but I'll bet you that some people will call this "experimental" and "progressive". That's fine by me as long as you progress yourselves far away from me. I don't live in a pigsty and certainly don't like my music to resemble one either. The final moments of As Time and Tide Erodes Stone end with the ocean waves again. Hopefully the tide will drag this far out into the open sea where a shark will eat it. They'll eat anything.



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