Friday, June 10, 2011

DARK CASTLE - Surrender to All Life Beyond Form CD review

DARK CASTLE - Surrender to All Life Beyond Form CD
Profound Lore
Genre: Sludge/Noise
Rating: 0/5

Since their 2009 debut Spirited Migration on At a Loss Records ended up on every one's end of year best of lists, mine as well. It was a foregone conclusion that this two piece sludge and everything else act would be picked up by a label which cators to the more advant garde tastes in the underground. Unfortunately for Profound Lore they got a real shitty release for their signing. I guess asking what the fuck happened to this band would be redundant. This sounds like the duo went into some large concert hall and recorded a bunch of pure gloomy experimental crap just for the hell of it. Seriously this sucks! Guitarist/Vocalist Stevie Floyd sounds like she's high on something and literally gave up singing as well as guitar playing. What riffs she does succeed at are worthless and the rest of the time she's noodling like some indie rock loser from Chapel Hill, NC. Her voice is worse than a gutter punk sally crying for a rock. Overall she sounds uninspired but very psychotic in doing what little there is. These are the emanations of a drug addled retard girl with a drummer (Rob Shaffer and what's his excuse) backing her up. Surrender to All Life Beyond Form is not music unless the title suggests this is a metaphoric joke on the listener. In that case this is perfect for hipsters and a complete waste of my valuable time.



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