Friday, June 17, 2011

PESTE NOIRE - L'Ordure à l'état Pur CD review

PESTE NOIRE - L'Ordure à l'état Pur CD
La Mesnie Herlequin
Genre: Black Metal?
Rating: 1/5

When Neige left this band years ago to pursue other things like blackening shoegazing in ALCEST or reinventing Post Punk with a femme fa tale on vocals in AMESOEURS. He must have left a bag behind which La Sale Famine de Valfunde, frontman and multi-instrumentalist for this French black metal institution, has recently got into. Seriously after one listen to this latest release I was like "oh no not again." PESTE NOIRE were always a little tough to get into in the past but at least it was raw black metal albeit strange. The first cut on here "Casse, Peches, Fractures et Traditions" sounds like some experiment with gypsy music and not exactly the folk music which the band has been known to incorporate into their sound before. That was a waste of ten plus minutes. "Cochon Carotte et les sœurs Crotte" is like DEVO in corpse paint which on the surface sounds interesting but trust me it's not. "J’avais rêvé du Nord" is twenty minutes of weirdness which is probably the best thing this one has to offer. It's fairly black but with some surprises. It starts out slightly industrial as well as laying down a slow funk percussion beat. A sultry stripper (in corpse paint?) could do good by this one. There's samples and voice overs injected everywhere early on then is followed up by a folk style acoustic guitar solo with Audrey Sylvain adding vocals to it's beauty. This opus unusual-ist finally closes down in the black with Audrey and La Sale trading vocals. "Sale Famine Von Valfoutre" sounds about the closest to what La Sale had been doing previously. The closer "La condi hu" is more into a shoegazing post BM scenario. After all of this I was ready to apologize to Neige for all those nasty comments I made about his last ALCEST release.



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