Saturday, January 29, 2011

TIBERIUS - Born Hope CDEP review

Self Released
Genre: Death Thrash
Rating: 2/5

So I'm listening to the first cut off of this Polish band's EP and I'm thinking yeah this ain't bad death thrash. You know what to expect from this genre. It's basically death metal with thrashy riffs albeit almost groove infused plus growled vocals. All of that was evident within the first two minutes of the song "Enslave the Reason" until the clean sounding melodic vocals kicked in then I started growling. OK I take that back I was really moaning in a sick way. It's like if you go out to get a sandwich then you take the first bite and it tastes good. Then you take another bite and you get that bad tomato. It ruins the whole dining out experience. That's my feeling about this release with its five cuts. They all start out promising but then something rotten pops in to ruin everything. On the second cut "Entity" the vocal styles are reversed and it still finds a way to fuck up. This time they slip into that metalcore groove, ugh. On “Mizantrophe Breed” it's the same pattern as in great beginning then they break it down for those clean vocals. "Tiberius", the song, is probably the best headbanger on here but why add the clean almost power metal vocals? The final cut "At the Gates" sounds like a continuation of the previous cut. Someone call up Century Media and tell em about these guys. The next thing you know they'll be signed to a three CD deal and opening for SUICIDE SILENCE on a Summer tour. Look as far as talent goes yeah TIBERIUS are very good at what they do. It's on the melodic side of the road so when I rate this for fans only I mean it.



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