Friday, January 28, 2011

BUZZKILL - Damned By Faith CDEP review

BUZZKILL - Damned By Faith CDEP
Self Released
Genre: Punk Rock n Roll
Rating: 3/5

Not to be confused with the UK band of the same name, this one hails from Pennsylvania. The band info I received read Philadelphia. For some reason their name sticks out in my mind as if I saw this band once (could have happened, I do drink) or at least a local show notice saying they were playing a local club. Maybe they're familiar because their vocalist Ryan Williams sounds like Michale Graves aka: the MISFITS' second singer. In fact I'd say there's quite a bit of MISFITS' influence going on in these songs but not in a bad way. This three song release by BUZZKILL is far from being a copycat sounding act. The guitar solos by Mike Grasty as well as the song structures are far beyond the MISFITS' three chords and an attitude formula. I'll credit the rhythm section of Brian Yorkus on bass and drummer Kevin Yorkus for the influence check. BUZZKILL sounds like they stepped out of a time tunnel from the late 90's. Back then there was this uprising of cool sounding bands revising Punk Rock n Roll. Of course only the coolest of the cool knew and had written about it. Yeah like yours truly thank you (in the pages of Scumfeast fanzine) as well as Jeff Bale with his zine Hit List and some others who liked the "rock" in Punk and not the silly stuff that sometimes came with it. But anyways the three cuts on here are catchy as fuck and would make a perfect 7"er on colored vinyl.



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