Friday, January 14, 2011

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Murder of Jesus the Jew CD review

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Murder of Jesus the Jew CD
Candlelight Records
Genre: Post Black Metal
Rating: 0/5

It's my first time listening to a release by this UK black metal act although I have read a few things about em. Coming from the perspective with the title alone and that Hoest from TAAKE makes a guest vocal appearance on a song called "Jew Killer" I had to wonder if this was something I'd even want to tackle for a review. Then I listened to it and realized it was far from what I expected and you can guess what that was. I think calling this a black metal release is a stretch unless you're one of those people who only likes BM when it doesn't sound like BM. In that case here you go. I personally would like to re-title this dink The Murder of Music by THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL. This thing opens with some sad sounding symphonic black metal-ness but stops short and go into some radio rock bullshit. It's as if a drunk came into the creative process somewhere. This band does lean into the more prog oriented aspect of the metal genre but that's also an area where the flakes reside. For some people genius and insanity run parallel and although that might be true it's always the end result which defines the final answer.

As this release continued I had to turn down the volume when certain atrociousness emanated from the speakers. If you bring show tunes into the mix, "Addicted to God", as if this were Black Metal Broadway than you're not innovative you're just plain stupid. I can say the same for most of this hodge podge of musical genre excess where even Punk gets treated to their buffoonery on "Man From Kerioth", which only shows that they own a KILLING JOKE record. I'm reminded that this band also gets their photos taken wearing medieval armor for no reason at all. It also took me two excruciating listens to realize that this release was supposedly a Jesus story rock opera. Call me thick if you like but all I could hear was over an hour's worth of nonsense performed by schizos off of their medication. Even the track with Hoest from TAAKE sucked. I'm sure he just wanted to say the words "jew killer" on record for a thrill. The only thing I'd acknowledge to have any intelligence is their apt at original song title ideas. Otherwise this is for spastic imbeciles who can't get it up unless they're looking at a dude's ass.



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