Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RAZORWYRE - Coming Out CDEP review

Self Released
Genre: NWOBHM/Thrash
Rating: 4/5

Holy crap it's the 1980s again but that's not a bad thing, just look at the popularity of Sweden's ENFORCER. This band here hails from New Zealand but they make enough of a damm good racket that they need to be heard everywhere else. I believe if you played this loud enough the sound would reach the other continents. On this five song EP the band hands us a good time release from the days of keg parties, thrashing wildly around the fire pit and incredibly painful next day hangovers. I use to have a roomate who would blast this type of stuff early on Sunday mornings. The heavy metal screams plus chugging guitar sound coming through the wall got me up and out of bed. It also got me banging on his door to turn the fuckin shit down. Now for some strange reason I'm getting a headache, deju vu? Anyway Coming Out is definitely a visit back to the past as if you were living with METAL CHURCH. They even have the production down right as in raw.

This band doesn't need more than five songs to grab hold of old time metal heads, like myself who remembers when this stuff was new and the fans of today smart enough to check this out. The opener "Party of Five" jumps out of the starting gate with blistering riffs and a heavy metal scream. Along with the speed there's this excellent soloing reminiscent of MAIDEN along with the galloping rhythm section and band chorus. Right there you would think this was an unknown gem from the past. "Fuck You Tonight" is pure thrash gold with evil sounding riffage which sounds much better than your typical Bay Area copycats here in the states. Once again phenomenal soloing which is pitch perfect for this style. These can't be kids doing this because it just sounds so veteran. As far as vocalist Z Chylde goes, the guy really tries to hit some of those glass shattering screams but he's no Rob Halford or even David Wayne. I do give him credit especially on "Operation Market Garden" and "Suspiria". Last song on here, "Battleshark", is battle metal thrash with some dirty sounding riffs chugging along. I think this is damm good and look forward to hearing more from them, hopefully. You can download this from their official site.

Myspace: http://myspace.com/razorwyreband

Official: http://www.razorwyreband.com

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  1. Been blasting this CD for a while now. Good to see such a great act getting some recognition overseas.