Friday, January 14, 2011

BLOOD OF MARTYRS - Even the Dead Long for Spring CDEP review

BLOOD OF MARTYRS - Even the Dead Long for Spring CDEP
Self Released
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 0/5

With just a four track EP to go on I'd call this kitchen sink black metal in that the four cuts on here represent all facets of the genre's post experimental style. The first cut "Blood for the Moon" is their best with it's borrowed from DARKTHRONE tremolo picked opening but adds some prog guitar noodling then ends in a doomish outro all in under six minutes. The vocals are maniacal and provided by guitarist Markus Launsburry who also performs with NACHTMYSTIUM in some live capacity. The drummer is Chris Wozniak from LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR and as this thing progresses I can hear Chicago avant garde eccentricities more and more. The production varies from track to track which means it was recorded at various times and places. The second cut "Praise Thee" sounds like an old Touch & Go Records noise punk band trying to go black metal. The song also includes some over-indulgent hippie guitar soloing, even one like Launsburry thinks he's SANTANA. The thing finally drones out but bleeds into a PINK FLOYD influenced space jam with a David Yow vocal imitation for thirteen minutes. The final track "Immortality" just isn't. In fact it's someones drug induced notion that they came up with after playing Saucerful of Secrets on a broken turntable. This four track "thing" really sucks but I'm guessing it will all resurface in the near future on a hipster metal delight of a release. I'm just saying.


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