Saturday, January 29, 2011

TYPHUS - Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity CD review

TYPHUS - Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity CD
Pestilence Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

This band's claim to fame comes in the form of their 2005 release Profound Blasphemous Proclamation which was a real piece of work as far as pure unadulterated hate goes. That masterpiece in bad taste came out on Lord Typhus' label, Dark Horizons Records and frankly why not? Why let someone else have all the fun? Now if the theme of that release was I Hate God than on this latest it's I Love Satan. Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity is the kind of release for anyone up for a ride in the Luciferic love boat. For those who think I'm taking them lightly you're wrong. I really believe Lord Typhus is the kinda person who would give a gauntlet back hand slap in the face to a nun. Secondly this one sounds a lot better than their debut. Dare I use the word progressed? I don't think that's offensive to the self proclaimed "most blasphemous band on earth." They did release this on December 25th. TYPHUS are still influenced by their peers from European's second wave. You will not find any more songs about doing nasty things to the virgin mary or excreting bodily fluids upon religious figures. Like I mentioned earlier this is a Satanic lust affair. Also you must remember there's three types of USBM. You have the really brutal and technically proficient stuff. Then there's the crap that hipsters and Hot Topic mall kids like. Finally there's the necro black filth which is what TYPHUS was and shall always be. You have been forewarned.



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