Thursday, January 20, 2011

The MIGHT COULD - The Might Could CD review

The MIGHT COULD - The Might Could CD
Small Stone Records
Genre: Stoner Rock
Rating: 3/5

It's ironic that just a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, how they were big in the late 90's when Stoner Rock was first in vogue, for lack of a better description, and how their popularity petered out by the mid-2000s. I saw them a few times back in their heyday when I worked at a local club. They would always pack that place. I think the last time they came to town a few years back things were not as good. Maybe that Good O'l Southern Boys playing Metal thing wore off or lack of advertising. To be honest with ya I don't know the correct answer. Anyway The MIGHT COULD contains one ex-ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY member in Erik Larson on guitar/vocals, a guy who has spent time in a great number of extreme metal bands over the years. There's also Ryan Wolfe on drums, formerly of FACEDOWNINSHIT who is also in another great up and coming Virginia Doom band, WINDHAND. I've got their two song demo and it's pretty good. The MIGHT COULD are finalized with TJ Childers on guitar/vocals and bass player known only as The Rob.

Aside from the homage to BLUE CHEER cover art the MIGHT COULD are not too far removed from what Erik Larson was involved with before. Songs like opener "Stone Colossus" followed by "Wretched Wraith" display the pure Southern swagger which ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY was known for. "The Night They Shoot Ol' Dixie Down" is an ode to the band's roots albeit sludged out to the max. Some parts of this self titled release goes off into the Stoner blues rock realm but it ends alright with the last two cuts "The Widower" and "The Fall" with are stoner rock to the max. Favorite cut and song title goes to "I Don't Even Like Pantera Anymore". Sound wise I don't know if it's a parody or a serious anecdote. If they wanted to keep it close to home they would've wrote the song about LAMB OF GOD, but that's another story. Either way this debut will win back anyone who was all into that "Southern Sabbath" schtick years ago. For anyone else, the reality is that Richmond is full of local super groups and The MIGHT COULD are just the latest in a long line. In the final analysis it's just damm good music from a really damm good bunch of musicians. They're the kinda band you'd expect to see if you walked into a dive bar on a Friday night. If you spin this dink three or more times you can even taste cheap beer and smell cigarette smoke.



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