Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MITOCHONDRION - Parasignosis CD review

Profound Lore
Genre: Blackened Death
Rating: 5/5

For those of you who don't know this, the Profound Lore Records headquarters is built on top of the abyss which leads to the underworld. If you've ever wondered where they get all of these extreme hell spawned sounding bands from. They just crawl up out of the hole to be greeted by some label intern who signs the band on the spot. They have to kill the intern in order to use his blood for the contract signing. Yeah sure this three piece known as MITOCHONDRION say they're from Canada but that's just a cover story just like the Coneheads were from France. Parasignosis is the band's second full length and although I never heard their debut Archaeaeon from 2008, this release is evil incarnate. Take the NILE/BEHEMOTH template, sound and lyrical style, then submerge it into a cauldron of bubbling black atmospheric ooze. The end result is pure blackened filth that overwhelms you like a hundred foot high tsunami wave. You can't out run epic shit like this. Just put the CD in your stereo, push play then bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

MITOCHONDRION combine all the best elements of the genre aka: cavernous vocals, guitar noise which alternates from plodding hate to aggressive riffage, frenzied solos and tortuous drumming. They compliment the basics with this haunting atmosphere which hangs over everything like a sulfuric fog. This thing came out a year too early. It would have been better accepted as the soundtrack for the supposed Mayan calender December 2012 end all. Imagine what an apocalypse would sound like, play this CD a few times then reevaluate. Their vocalist/guitarist Shawn Hache sounds like his throat is a furnace on overdrive. He barely takes a break over this over 55 minute beast. There's some typical BM shrieks tossed in, as well as slight clean vocals, by fellow maniac Nick Yanchuk who spends most of his time on here as guitarist and bassist. Between those two and drummer Karl Godard, who also adds some sickening keyboards, they have created something with Parasignosis that requires a new definition to the word "devastation". The only moment of peace, if you wanna call it that, comes at the end with the aptly titled "Ambient Outro". Even with that you feel like some foreboding menace is about to jump out of nowhere and bite ya. Turn on the smoke machine if you dare. It's only January and here's a release worthy enough to sit next to the stereo all year. We're all gonna die horribly.



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