Thursday, January 20, 2011

BETRAYER F.T.M. - No Life Till Fury CD review

BETRAYER F.T.M. - No Life Till Fury CD
Violent Records
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 3/5

It's 2011 so in my not so humble opinion if you're gonna play old school sounding thrash and wanna get on my good side you need to incorporate one of these important ingredients. The first is that you have to be so fuckin good that I forget who you're copying while I'm climbing the highest point of my house preparing to dive off. The second is that you have to have some quirk about your music that makes me smile which includes any cheesy elements especially in the vocals. BETRAYER F.T.M., who are not to be confused with every other act with the same name for the past twenty-five years, have a little bit of both so I'm won over. This band hails from Columbia and play straight forward no thrills thrash. As far as an old school band reference forget it because this four piece sound like anyone from the 1980's second tier crowd. That's not a bad thing either since it was those types of bands which traveled to burg after burg here in the states spreading gospel of Thrash.

As far as the quirkiness part well that comes with the vocals on No Life Till Fury. Jimmy Acevedo, this band's vocalist and rhythm guitarist, is great with his "real guy" throaty vocal style and broken English. He also adds the cool cliche cheesiness with the quick "Let's go" on the opener "Machine" or later on with his extended pronunciations as in "dieeeeee". Something else is that his vocals are over the top of the music as far as the mix goes. Hey I like it since it all gives it a Punk Rock feel which I think was lost on a lot of the Thrash Revival bands from a few years ago. Thrash was once that crossover sound which did get punks and metal fans together in one room. Not surprisingly it didn't last too long because of all the bozos showing up at shows to be "caught in the mosh". Be that as it may BETRAYER F.T.M. do have a crossover appeal especially on "One Day Of Fury" and "To Kill or Die". All in all this is pretty decent.



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