Thursday, January 20, 2011

CIRCUS OF DEAD SQUIRRELS - Operation Satan CD review

ForaNation Records
Genre: Industrial
Rating: 2/5

Years ago I would have included Industrial music/metal into the category of extreme but that was before it became so fuckin generic. For a while back in the 1990s it seemed that anyone who heard a KMFDM release was starting their own Industrial project. The less snobbish of that sect, who were into post Land of Rape and Honey era MINISTRY, were more into Metal and various political/social themed experimental Hardcore bands. My opinion then was that the only thing worse than a liberal folk singer was an anal retentive into experimental music. One of the more cliche truths was that they all worked in record stores. How many times have you walked up to the counter of a record store and the clerk was some overweight guy wearing a "Save the Whales Kill the Humans" t-shirt while THROBBING GRISTLE was playing over the store's stereo? You place your purchases on the counter top and the guy gives ya some smirk and gives ya that "I used to be into those guys" comment. The fact of the matter is that you never see one of these guys at a show. When the guy hands you back the change you accidentally knock over the stack of small colored handbills of his act's show. When you pick one up to read it the words "rave" "dancing" and "dj" stand out. That's when the guy mentions it's his show and you wouldn't be interested.

After one listen to CIRCUS OF DEAD SQUIRRELS all of those above mentioned memories came back to me. I also envisioned a dozen overweight guys and girls all dressed up in the latest Hot Topic Goth gear smoking cloves while standing around shoegazing while this band was on stage in a Hartford, Connecticut underground club which was on the verge of closing because of a lack of patrons. The band is from Connecticut and as far as this release goes it's Industrial Experimental music in it's most cliche sense. I'll guess that this band's other releases are pretty much anti-everything that you can twist a mechanical dance beat around. On this particular one their anti-theme du jour is food and it's production techniques plus it's glamorization. I'm guessing they hate McDonalds as well but then again that's a given by most people I know, not because of what they stand for but because their food sucks. As far as meat is murder lyrical opinions go they're welcome to them. I like my chicken, beef and pork, thank you. I also understand that you have to kill it in order to eat it, which I've done. The bottom line here for me is that as far as the song subject matter goes they're welcome to their opinion. Musically I was surprised that they're not as hip hop based as a similar styled band I know called SCHMEGAMA but they do add your typical gratuitous vulgarity in order to sound risque'. I'll say that technically if you are a fan of this stuff then you'll be pleased with it. As for me it's nothing more than roadkill.



  1. All im going to say is, I don't know how you consider yourselves analysts of music if you write a review like this one. If you put basically no effort into listening to a band or their message, don't bother writing a review. Just about everyone else who has heard this album or will hear it, will have devoted more time and open-mindedness, thereby making your halfassed review null and amateur.

  2. if you don't like the album that's fine, don't go insulting the fans too... thats just immature and unprofessional