Saturday, January 15, 2011

ASCENSION - Consolamentum CD review

ASCENSION - Consolamentum CD
WTC Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

There's nothing better than hearing a German black metal band actually performing German black metal. Before you think I'm drunk, I'm only drinking a fuckin Yuengling, please let me explain. Of the half dozen black metal releases by German bands I reviewed in 2010 only one sounded German. The lion's share of the bands took their influences from Scandinavia. Now I know it's tough to comprehend but German BM does have a certain unique sound and style. The obvious attributes are barked order style vocals, heavy duty symphonic and an over the top wall of almost orchestra style noise. I always look at it as German opera with corpse paint, blast beats and tremolo picked guitars. Another thing which Germans do well with their black metal is that you can actually hear the bass in the production. All of this is evident on Consolamentum which is this bands debut full length. What we have here is a concept album dealing with the journey and transformation of a human soul towards salvation. It's separated into eight different chapters which is news to me. Obviously I'm not going to delve into each chapter. I'll just say this is a brilliant piece of work by a band who like their identities hidden. Also if you're a DRUDKH fan who thought their last outing was lacking then check out these Germans.



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