Saturday, January 29, 2011

ARTAS - Riotology CD review

ARTAS - Riotology CD
Napalm Records
Genre: Metalcore
Rating: 0/5

Welcome to the continuing saga of Napalm Records trying desperately to shake off their epic variety metal pedigree. This one ain't as bad as the STUCK MOJO release they put out (what could?) but it's close. This is the second full length release by Austria's ARTAS. I never heard their debut, The Healing, from 2008 also on Napalm but I'm kinda glad. The promo material for this describes ARTAS as "modern metal" which obviously set off my bullshit detector. Then I took a listen only to find that modern metal means metalcore. I totally feel sorry for the poor soul who regularly buys Napalm stuff (which I once was) only because they knew that the label specialized in releasing black metal, battle metal and epic progressive stuff, and then finds this. The packaging will throw most people off the trail of disgust, it did me.



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