Monday, January 10, 2011

MOTORHEAD - The World is Yours CD review

MOTORHEAD - The World is Yours CD
UDR/Motörhead Music
Genre: Hard Rock n Roll
Rating: 3/5

Trying to write a review about a new MOTORHEAD release in 2011 is more of an exercise in not being cliche. I think we have long surpassed the point where people look at a new MOTORHEAD release and wonder what it's gonna sound like. You know what to expect since they have a "signature sound", aka: Lemmy, which has carried them on over all of these years. I don't even look at MOTORHEAD as a typical band anymore. To me they're an iconic musical institution. They're in the same league as the STONES, the WHO, KISS, ACDC and the RAMONES. If you're into Metal, Punk or plain o'l Rock n Roll then you know MOTORHEAD and Lemmy is God. Even in some of the most remote parts of the world were people don't even have electricity or indoor plumbing the inhabitants probably know the song "Ace of Spades" and maybe sing or do some air guitar to it.

Have MOTORHEAD become the top hard rock n roll band in the world? Yeah I'd say so especially after consolidating this line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums back in the mid-90s. Since this has been their longest running line-up it should be no surprise that their most recent full lengths have become some of the band's better material since their early days. I'm showing my bias here since in my not so humble opinion the band was always best as a power trio. Obviously the material they did with the line up of Lemmy, Eddie Clarke on guitar and Philthy Animal Taylor on drums will always be their greatest. But as long as Lemmy wants to keep things going then you have to take whatever the band releases as serious. On this new one songs like opener "Born to Lose", "I Know How to Die" and the radio friendly "Get Back in Line" grab a hold of the listener like the MOTORHEAD of old. Like I mentioned, "Get Back in Line" is a radio friendly hit type of cut with it's basic hard rock beat. The rest of the release sports that RnR feel. It's just a good listen. Phil Campbell shows off why he is the best guitarist the band ever had with his versatility. "Rock N Roll Music" is the MOTORHEAD of now with it's self referential attitude.

If there are any surprises it's seeing how little the band relies on their past style of speed and power. There are moments like on "Waiting for the Snake", "Brotherhood of Man" and especially on "I Know What You Need" but they disappear quickly as each song progresses. This band is all about Rock n Roll and that's it. I've heard Lemmy say it a few times and that's MOTORHEAD is a rock n roll band and not metal. Also when it comes to their releases they put out music which they like and hopefully you will to but if not well fuck you. They can get away with an attitude like that as well as ending the release with the tune "Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye". MOTORHEAD fans can rejoice because this one rocks.



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