Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SANHEDRIN - Salvation Through Sin CD review

SANHEDRIN - Salvation Through Sin CD
Self Released
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 1/5

Whenever I read the words "English Black Metal" I immediately think of Dani Filth, goth fag of CRADLE OF FILTH. Yes it's sad even though Britain has a wide variety of BM acts (FEN, CAINA, AXIS OF PERDITION) that one horrible example pops out at the mere thought. I don't know if SANHEDRIN will change it either. On this self release, aka: a demo, they don't sound all that black metal. In fact Salvation Through Sin sounds like melodic death metal with some symphonic BM elements tossed in. The closest they come to the black is when keyboardist Reece Holloway plays some over extended synth parts. I say drop the keyboards and just sing which he also does and isn't too bad at. I'm guessing he's an ex-deathcore screamer/growler. John Houghton adds a few clean sharp solos which shine to much light into the darkness. This band has so many things about em in the grey area that I wouldn't be surprised if they're signed next week and this comes out on a big label. Hell seeing that the British Death Metal scene pretty much blows of late why not throw on some corpse paint, add some synths and call yourselves black metal.

Myspace: http://myspace.com/sanhedrin666

Band: http://sanhedrin.bigcartel.com/

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