Friday, January 14, 2011

GRAVEWURM - Blood of the Pentagram CD review

GRAVEWURM - Blood of the Pentagram CD
Hells Headbangers Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

File this one under, I wish I had it when it came out in October of last year dammit. Let me tell ya if I did then I would have turned out the lights, put it on continuous play and blasted it for a whole month. After a while someone would've found me in the darkness looking like an ashen-ed wretch with eyes glowing like two solitary candles. Yes this is the infamous GRAVEWURM and if you're into underground black metal but do not know who I speak of then you have a serious problem. I believe you better turn in your pentagram membership card, vile of goat's blood and that autographed by Varg Vikernes book of matches. Do it quickly mind you because ya don't wanna miss out on those DIMMU BORGIR tickets and Hot Topic is having a bargain bin sale. As for the rest of us, this is the seventh and supposedly final release by this cult USBM filth. Destroying the minds of the weak and firing up the blackened souls of the faithful for twenty years unfortunately has an expiration date.

OK all kidding aside, GRAVEWURM are pretty much an underground institution amongst the cravers of low fi and raw sounding black metal. They also blacken their thrash, death's and doom's into a cauldron of sound which would have Quorthon suing from the grave for copyright infringement. Along with BATHORY they also conjure up old SODOM and HELLHAMMER into their diabolical mix. So after twenty years they're calling it a day and leave this as a swan song so to speak. For all of you connoisseurs of grimness, of which I consider myself as, this is a treasure trove of double indemnity evil. If you played this for some post black metal girly men it would have the same effect as shoving a cross in Dracula's face. There's just this offensive nature about minimalist sounding BM which frightens the hipsters but is thirst quenching to fans. On here GRAVEWURM simply excels at it whether it's the venomous vocals, guitar riffs which sound like some razorblade fitted torture device or the overall menacing atmosphere which the music undertakes. I'm not going to delve into a track by track analysis. There's twelve of them but this is a release which you simply play straight through and continuously even after the post mortem.



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