Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LAZARUS AD - Black Rivers Flows CD review

LAZARUS AD - Black Rivers Flows CD
Metal Blade Records
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 2/5

This new one by Kenosha, Wisconsin's favorite sons is definitely a step upward from previous release The Onslaught from a few years ago. Remember that was originally a self release which came out in 2007 and was re-released by Metal Blade in 2009. I called it an average sounding debut considering it came out at the height of the Thrash Revival, the first time that is. I thought they were a groove metal version of METALLICA. Now if you've been on YouTube or keep up with metal blogs then you know of the various video episodes of The Making of Black Rivers Flows. I kept hoping a fight would start and then a psychiatrist would be brought in to settle things. They actually do get into an argument over lyrics but it's more akin to two high school girls bitching at each other.

I just had to watch all of the episodes prior to listening to this dink. At one point during the second episode when the one band member talks about his father dying of cancer I was like "oh please". This is the kinda stuff that would be perfect for an MTV show. If a real black metal band did something like this it would be kinda funny. Although they wouldn't be real black metal afterwards, such as irony is. Bands who make videos like that annoy me to the point where I can't wait to trash. Unfortunately I'm not about to talk shit about Black Rivers Flows nor am I gonna praise it. The fact is I find it boring, borrowed and totally worthless for me to play more than need be to get through this review. But, as far as it being good pop metal or what I usually refer to as "cable tv metal" well yeah it's tremendously good at that angle. The band has seriously gone for that "Hetfield treatment" on some cuts although they're no TRIVIUM. I guess we can thank em for that one. Take the template of popular radio friendly metal and drop it upon these nine cuts and you'll see it's a perfect fit.

Label: http://www.metalblade.com

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