Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ICON IN ME - Head Break Solution CD review

ICON IN ME - Head Break Solution CD
Goomba Music
Genre: Metal
Rating: 1/5

Now why would a band from Moscow want to emulate modern mainstream US and Swedish sounding (think groove, melodic death and some core) metal? Seriously I don't have the answer but on this the band's second full length that's what you get. Their debut Human Museum came out in 2009 on Massacre Records, a great label by the way. Hmmm I wonder what happened with that? But as I said this is modern mainstream sounding fill for those out there who haven't had enough. This band's drummer, Morten, once played with SOILWORK as well as HATESHERE so that tells me alot. Personally I'm not a fan of this type of thing (ergo the 1/5 rating as in not for me, a goose egg is bad) but if you are well ICON IN ME won't be hiding in the womb of mother Russia for long. This band has big time festival rockers written all over em. Musically the dual guitar theatrics of D. Frans and Artyom are this band's appeal since they tend to cut loose with some decent shredding on almost every cut. Vocalist Tony JJ sounds like he grew up singing along to a few FEAR FACTORY releases. Yeah I really don't have to go into that vocal style in detail do I? Look music wise this Russian band is at the top of their game when it comes to this modern metal genre. I wasn't even surprised when I saw that one of the "special guests" who appears on here (there are a few) is none other than melo death iconic guitarist Anders Bjorler of THE HAUNTED fame (and yeah he was once in a little o'l Swedish band named AT THE GATES as well). I guess the bottom line here is no surprises.



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