Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Band Alert: OCCULTATION (info and video)

Let me introduce you scum to OCCULTATION a New York City-based experimental doom act that as of now only had a demo out titled Somber Dawn. Well now the band is pleased to announce that they will be resurrecting their now cult status Somber Dawn demo in wax. The record will be a special limited edition 7" to be released by the Irish label Invictus Productions and Berlin's Witches' Tone Records. This EP will be a precursor to their upcoming full length album (which I'm looking forward to) due out via Invictus, with a vinyl release to follow (again spearheaded by Invictus/Witches' Tone). The first 50 copies of this cult release will include incense and stickers and will surely sell out quickly. In addition, in support of this release and their upcoming full-length assault, Occultation will play an exclusive show in Dublin with Negative Plane (and Tribulation) on Sunday July 31 2011!

This haunting trio is shrouded in mystery (which includes Nameless Void of NEGATIVE PLANE on organ, bass, and backing vocals) take their listeners on a unsettling, atmospheric journey through ritual and rage, doom and decay. Somber Dawn received accolades from the underground and media alike. The Inarguable marveled, "Taking cues from krautrock, Diamanda Galas, darkwave, and Italian zombie movie soundtracks, Occultation's off-kilter yet undeniably catchy and memorable tunes are unlike anything I've ever heard. E.M.'s (Nameless Void) piercing guitar and organ create an uneasy wash beneath drummer V.B. and bassistA.L.'s rather occult-sounding (there's something I thought I'd never say) vocal harmonies. This is pop music you'd hear echoing within a buried Satanic chapel; a 70's psychedelic rock band on a bad acid trip," while Currents Online intoned, " It’s when spring is in the air, like today, that music like Occultation’s is all the more welcome to draw us a bit back into the darkness, the rain and the invoking of graveyard spirits." But since you're reading SCUMFEAST METAL 666 I'm saying it's simply another act to venture into the whole occult doom style. Very Cool.



Special thanks to CATHARSIS PR's Kim Kelly

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