Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEKROFILTH - Worship Destruction MLP review

NEKROFILTH - Worship Destruction MLP
Hells Headbangers
Genre: Scum Punk/Metal
Rating: 3/4

This is the scum punk/metal side project of Zack Rose guitarist for NUNSLAUGHTER. It's around fifteen minutes of snot nosed filth, vomit and a pissed off attitude. Sounds like a typical Sunday morning wake up for me back in the day. Nowadays singing songs with an excessive use of words like fuck and shit is not impressive unless you can supply some riffs to back it up. Zack does it on here with most of the tracks but especially on the speed metal groove infused title track plus "Jerusalem Decay", "Throne of Sluts" and the almighty "Get Fucked". It's the kind of thing that starts in the morning but bleeds into a Sunday afternoon and some drinking commencing. Technically Worship Destruction is actually a 2008 demo that the label placed to a vinyl format. It still sounds worthy of a party.



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