Friday, June 17, 2011

ANNEX THEORY - Beneath The Skin MCD review

ANNEX THEORY - Beneath The Skin MCD
Pivotal Rockordings
Genre: Melodic/Progressive Deathcore
Rating: 3/5

ANNEX THEORY is a melodic deathcore six piece from Winnipeg, Canada who I'll give credit to for shaking up a seriously boring genre sound by adding atmospheric keyboards to their mix. Seriously it's an actual band member named Matt Rutowicz and not simple in studio effects. They've also got a tech death guitar noodler by the name of Sam Jacobs who on a few cuts adds some impressive fluid solos. (he knows his Fripp tones) They're from Canada so you expect this although it's usually from Montreal. There's only four cuts on here but what this band will probably become after this is big. Personally I don't care for this stuff as far as my jaded tastes go. Be that as it may the song "Orbit" started off with this heavy deathly crunch but then went so eclectic on me that I needed a six pack to calm my nerves. I can't say I like their melodic clean vocal harmonies in fact I actually hate clean vocal harmonies. Vocalist Trevor Birnie is better off sticking with his stalwart genre cliche angry and caustic style. "Event Horizon" opens with a decent synth opening which quickly turns into a Sam Jacobs virtuoso guitar show off. Like I said not my brand but they add ingredients which set them slightly apart from the pack thanks to Rutowicz and Jacobs.



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