Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UNMOTHERED - Self Titled CDEP review

Self Released
Genre: Blackened Doom
Rating: 3/5

Wow here's a band from Austin, Texas that doesn't sound like pretencions indie rock garbage masquerading as metal. Although I won't call it original (is anything lately?) what this duo does is clobber you with some bombastic riffs which are part CELTIC FROST/TRIPTYKON, part SABBATH, part a whole helluva lot others out there nowadays. I do believe these guys, Matt Walker and Daniel Curry are not out to ride anyone's coattails but instead are into some serious bone crushing. I think they are walking the razor's edge as far as style goes which is pretty cool. They have five songs on here that musically sew together sick doomish grooves with serpent like blackened vocals. At times they're sail into sweeping dark psych dirges like on the opener "Leviathan", the tripped out violent "Trancendor" and the almighty epicness of "Heartache". Other times they're kicking out a 70's influenced power jam like on "The Awakening" and to some degree "Spectre". Aside from this one these guys are working on a full length which I'm hoping some decent label will catch onto because these guys are pretty fucking good. Their songs are short, all under five minutes, thank you! Who knows, maybe in 2012 they're have album of the year in Decibal Magazine. When you read this (the band that is) don't get too excited guys because I never get those Decibal picks right but good job with this.

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