Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NOCICEPTOR - Among Insects MCD review

NOCICEPTOR - Among Insects MCD
Pivotal Rockordings
Genre: The Nu Tech Death
Rating: 1/5

I didn't know this but a nociceptor is defined as a receptor for injurious or painful stimuli. In other words it's a fuckin pain sensing organ which makes sense after listening to this release. NOCICEPTOR hails from Texas and musically this is Tech Death with plenty of Nu Metal funk grooves and the brutality of the "core". Actually they're not really a new band since this is their second official release. Among Insects is their follow-up to their “The Sum of all Scars” full length from 2008. I missed out on that one, go figure. NOCICEPTOR relies on that djent guitar sound in their songs which I never cared for and I never liked MESHUGGAH either. There's seven cuts on here not counting the intro which astounds me. Why put a fuckin intro on an EP? There's also something strange as far as their songs go (well strange to me since I don't listen to Metalcore) since they've got one cut "Pornoholocaust" and it's followed by "Cuntagion". Maybe they got a virus from being on Youporn. According to a friend on Facebook (Facecrack) today is Don't Give A Shit day and frankly that's my feeling about this. I also feel like taking a shower as well.

Official: http://www.pivotalalliance


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