Monday, June 6, 2011

MORBID ANGEL - Illud Divinum Insanus CD (Official Review)

MORBID ANGEL - Illud Divinum Insanus CD
Season of Mist
Genre: Death and Industrial Metal
Rating: 0/5

"I guess we can conclude that CELTIC FROST is off the hook for Cold Lake now that we have Illud Divinum Insanus."

And now for the "official" review of this release. Yes the previous post was sort of funny, well actually it was down right hilarious. Be that as it may there is much to be said about Illud Divinum Insanus and it's not at all good. Lets start with the obvious point that this one has been considered the most anticipated release of 2011 if not for quite a while, say like since 2003’s mediocre Heretic. Once again the anticipated got it wrong. Lets face reality here people. I've told you many times that the hype makers are always full of shit. Whats worse is the hype eaters, aka: the music media, who push it. Now I'm sure there will be those out there in the musical media who will use the excuse "well anticipated doesn't necessarily mean it's good." To them I say BULLSHIT! Don't dump bullshit onto bullshit and tell me it's a tasty sandwich. No one anticipates crap not even the sado masochist who gets degraded and dehumanized thinks what is happening is a bad thing. The bottom line ALWAYS is don't believe pre-release hype or anticipation. Two metal media mags, Decibel and Terrorizer, both have cover stories on the band in their latest issues. These stories were written and approved months before this was released. Nuff said on that point.

As for this release well I guess we can conclude that CELTIC FROST is off the hook for Cold Lake now that we have Illud Divinum Insanus. I read a few articles on this release and what I was expected to hear. Those writers sugar coated it pure and simple. Personally I think those writers should be fired for incompetence or at least lying their asses off to their readers. Some people might believe my thoughts on them being fired is a little harsh. I wouldn't worry since anyone who could write something nice or objective about this CD should be able to find a profitable career in politics. Now when I got ahold of this release my first reaction after hearing the first couple of cuts was that I had the wrong release. There must have been a mistake somewhere. I was wrong of course. I'm going to be honest with ya (I'm always honest with ya by the way). When it comes to MORBID ANGEL I only consider Altars of Madness and Blessed are the Sick as to be favorites of mine. I know people who stop at Altars of Madness and that's their opinion which I respect. As for me well I'll even go as far to say that even when Erik Rutan was in the band I liked his HATE ETERNAL stuff better compared to his work in MORBID ANGEL. Be that as it may, most long time bands always divert from their original style whether slightly or full bore. So this here is nothing new but for some people it is which makes me wonder if some people's opinions have ulterior motives, more on that later.

So now we have Illud Divinum Insanus with the return of David Vincent. To all the faithful who held an allegiance to them your faith shall be crushed. Lets start with the intro "Omni Potens", alright it sounds like they stole in from TURISAS. I'll give em a break on that because intros are obligatory and half the time horrible but what follows, "Too Extreme!" is where the real "WTF" response starts. Pardon me but I was expecting death metal and not some Berlin disco rave crap. I expect to see a Youtube video with a bunch of goose stepping transvestites in black wigs and Hitler moustaches all getting their groove on to this one. I've got your new/no religion right here and it's a middle finger salute. So after hearing that surprise it's this death metal legend's try at some actual death metal with "Existo Vulgoré" which sounded more like the THRILL KILL KULT's attempt at death metal. That might be an insult to THRILL KILL KULT but hey I don't give a shit. Speaking of which David Vincent's return to me is not such a big thing because I've heard his vocals for years now. Well not his but other people coping him so it's not a big thing to get your panties in a woad over.

"Blades for Baal" is actually death metal but so fucking average and Tim Yeung's drumming blows like watching a monkey play a typewriter. You know I don't give a rat's ass if MORBID ANGEL chooses to experiment with the industrial material which fills the void for those fans since MINISTRY called it quits but if they're going to stick with their roots at least write an above average song. "I Am Morbid" sounds like something that Rob Zombie might have come up with. I once saw WHITE ZOMBIE in a small local club when they were just about to break big. I wasn't impressed then. Ladies and gentlemen, and you others wearing the black wigs and nail polish, I hate this crap when it's done by some other bunch of mainstream losers. Therefore I'm not coming down on the band per say. If this is their new direction then more power to em but it's not extreme metal at all. "I Am Morbid", give me a fuckin break! "10 More Dead" is slightly deathcore till it's midpoint. That's the rarest moment on here where the real Trey walks into a song and plays something decent but not long enough since the "core" comes back to haunt. “Destructos VS The Earth/Attack" is another joke track of half assed industrial disco garbage. "Nevermore" is a silly "core" track that almost everyone and their annoying Facebook friend has heard or posted from live vids. “Beauty Meets Beast" sounds like latter day off kilter MORBID ANGEL which means it blows. I can't keep on since I only deal in extreme music and not dance/pop.

I know every swinging douchebag is now writing horrible things about this release as if they're "experts" on the band and feel (simp simp) hurt. I'm not one of those losers. This release is probably quality to those losers but it has the "legendary death metal" tag to it. Change the name, say they're from France and those losers would be doing flips over this one. You know what I'm talking about. As for me, if you still haven't figured it out yet, this is mainstream crap. Hipsters would probably love this hip hoppy, nu-metal, core, industrial garbage because they like shit. I don't. This is the type of music they play in clubs where I wouldn't even use the bathroom let alone be caught in. "Profundis - Mea Culpa", yeah how about some rave cocksuckers. You know you love it, wanna dance to it, take some synthetic drugs to it, wake up with a tranny to it in the morning, just like you college days in the dorm. 99.9% of the metal media, who also praise indie rock loser bands, secretly love this industrial garbage. So fuckin what if it's MORBID ANGEL. Those losers don't even own a copy of Altars of Madness and the other .01% haven't listened to it in a decade. Yes this release is a fuckin turd, most mainstream hipster crap is, and so are the lying cocksuckers who are "so so upset", wipe a tear from their eye, with it. The rest of us will call it a turd, step over it and move on.




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