Thursday, June 30, 2011

SERVILE SECT - Trvth LP review

Handmade Birds
Genre: Noise/Drone and Black Metal
Rating: 1/5

This two piece experimental act's claim to fame is that their last release, "Realms Of The Queen" came out last year on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. Yeah that was a guaranteed one shot deal. Now they (aka: Luke Krnkr and Nhate Clmnt) have released this their latest full length on R. Loren's (of PYRAMIDS fame) new label. So if you are familiar with R Loren's work then you know what to expect. Welcome to the wonderful world of psych ambiance or more to the point background noise, at least on half of it. This was billed to me as black metal and as we all know everything is black metal today. Even if your little sister dons corpse paint and screams Lady Gaga lyrics backwards while you stand in the background flushing the toilet, it's now called black metal. Cool idea huh? Please steal it. Ladies and gentlemen, along with that off worldly voice screaming on here after twenty minutes of noise, the first part of this is not black metal. It's purely noise which is supposed to set you up for a journey. Frankly if I was watching this at a club I've be at the bar telling the guy behind it to set em up.

The second part of Trvth (yes it comes in two long over twenty minute parts) is where we actually hear something which could be called traditional black metal. Musically it's average sounding second wave Norwegian style BM with the usual blast beats and tremolo picked bombastic riffs. The vocals are your garden variety feral raspy shtick. It could be a heroin addict going through withdrawals while chained in a basement with spiders crawling on his face for all I know. Chances are it's some indie rock looking dude with birth control glasses. This side/thing is at least broken up into actual songs with more ambient drone separating them. Still since one half of this duo lives in Brooklyn, New York and the other in Humboldt County, California (the land of herb) I'm getting a strong whiff of pretentiousness dirge coming off of Trvth. This is being hailed as experimental black metal. Frankly I think the experiment failed unless boring me was the idea.




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