Wednesday, June 15, 2011

YEAR OF THE GOAT - Lucem Ferre MCD review

Van Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 1/5

So whatafuck is up with all of these Swedish bands of late stepping back into the late 60's/early 70's FM radio rock era? I mean there's that one band, which I trashed, who were channeling LED ZEP and now we have these guys. YEAR OF THE GOAT has a great band name (Sounds familiar? Sounds black metal? But they're not!) and they're channeling BLUE OYSTER CULT, at least on the first two cuts and not the good stuff either. Instead of "Cities on Flame" or "Don't Fear the Reaper" we get "Don't Fear the Flowers". No that's not an actual song title but it might as well have been. In fact these guys are more to the Pop Psychedelia side of Rock instead of the Hard Fuckin Rock vein. The third cut, a cover of Sam Gopal’s "Dark Lord", sounds like SOUNDGARDEN if they were slightly paisley. The title cut, "Lucem Ferre" is a hippy, drippy instrumental. Break out the lava lamp for that one so you can be groovy. Since this is on Van Records (a cool label by the way) I'm guessing some revisionist clown on a doom metal site has already tagged this as proto doom. If I'm right about that one then trust me it's no feather in my cap.


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