Friday, June 17, 2011

LOST SPHERE PROJECT - Third Level to Internal Failure CDEP review

LOST SPHERE PROJECT - Third Level to Internal Failure CDEP
Division Records
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 4/5

Here's some angry grindcore from Geneva, Switzerland, will wonders never cease? And just think, this is the country where I send all of my laundered money to hide in their banking system. I'd better be nice to them or maybe one of their relatives, who works in a Swiss bank, might make a computer error in one of my accounts. There's twelve cuts on here therefore it's an EP which flys by you in less than twenty five minutes. Then again that's all they need to get their aggressive attack on. I can only handle an EP's worth of grindcore as it is now in my jadedness. LOST SPHERE PROJECT like to pummel their listeners from the very start. I'll give em credit for that since opener "Paradoxal Sights" just comes charging out at you like a starved animal ready to tear into it's keeper. The next cut "Devotees" is slightly longer at almost three minutes which is an eternity in grind. "Devotees" shows that these guys are not a bunch of noisy simpletons, like most US grind. LOST SPHERE PROJECT actually devote time to be technical without being annoying. There's stabs of DM as well as some experimental riffage and even some melody throughout this release. Songs like "Idyllic Disaster" and "Behold the Scorn" are phenomenal and bordering on the greatness of PIG DESTROYER territory. Although some of the time (time being subjective in their case) this band likes to mesmerize your average grind brain with added bits of other extremism but mostly they actually just like to brutalize you. Everyone's worried about the Finnish Grindcore scene but they were wrong. Beware the Swiss!



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